What the hell is going on!?

So you might be wondering just what the point of this pointless little blog is…it’s basically just here for me to ramble about utterly random stuff. If I like a song, I’ll post it. If someone has annoyed me, I’ll write about it. Basically, if I find it interesting, it’s going on my blog.

This place used to be quite professional looking, and even sounding – no, never – I hear you roar. Honestly, this place used to be really boring, and updated maybe once every other year…now, I never stop posting rubbish. It also used to be solely focused on gaming, now it’s focused on everything and nothing.

Please feel free to leave me a comment, whether it’s a positive or a negative comment. I can take it…maybe D=

Please note, I ramble. Lots.

The ‘ESC_Verse’ is what it says it is…it’s my ‘verse, that I like to escape into. Sometimes real life sucks, but my books/games/films/music/TV shows/graphic novels/etcetc are my saving grace. *shrugs* it doesn’t sound particularly cool, or whatever, but I’m not particularly cool either.

In recent months, I created a new blog, focused on product reviews and beauty related posts. Guess what? Everything lives here now. You’re welcome.

A few of my entries are password protected – if you’ve read all of this, then you deserve the password…or at least a clue! =p ‘what do an ex-blood junkie, a dropout & Mr Comatose equal…?’

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