Communication [Enabled]

If for some reason you wish to contact me:

  • Email&MSN: (this is not my ‘personal’ email address, and is not checked very often =/)
  • Yahoo: ckystuntgirl
  • AIM: readyplayerone
  • Twitter: @HerEvilRoyalty
  • XBoxLIVE: HerEvilRoyalty
  • PSN: HerEvilRoyalty
  • Steam: HerEvilRoyalty
  • Skype: ask. I might tell. Maybe.
  • LJ: ask. I probably won’t tell.
  • AO3: HerEvilRoyalty
  • xteamfreewill
  • poisonousgirl
  • Facebook: don’t have an account, it’s utter pish.
  • Youtube: ArtemisAlecto
  • Raptr: HerEvilRoyalty
  • Backloggery: HerEvilRoyalty
  • Restraunt/Bakery Story: harhtuhgram on both =) *is addicted to Bakery Story*
  • Twitch: HerEvilRoyalty – my personal twitch…that doesn’t really get used anymore. Oh well.

I can also be found  here – on ‘The ESC Verse’ forum =) pop over, register, and have a bit of a chat!

2 thoughts on “Communication [Enabled]

  1. Hello there, liking your site, especially the ME2 images – very stylish.

    I’ve added it as link from my humble little site and would appreciate a link back if you think my site is worthy 🙂

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