Allison Hewitt Is Trapped

Allison Hewitt is Trapped by Madeleine Roux. Finished this book a few days ago, and decided that I enjoyed it so much, that I just had to ramble about it. What I loved most about this book was the concept of the chapters being blog entries – and the comments left for the blogger. I loved the odd comment where the person updated Allison on what was happening in other parts of the world, I liked how the zombie apocalypse was so wide spread and devastating. Some aspects bothered me – the brutality exhibited, over a rather trivial ‘crime’. I … Continue reading Allison Hewitt Is Trapped

The book with ALL the gifts

So. Wordyness is happening today. DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! I’m probably going to write a bunch of spoilery type stuff. Plan to read the book? Haven’t finished the book? Then don’t read the blog post, genius.  I finished ‘The Girl With All The Gifts’ a few nights ago. And now I’m going to chat at my blog about it. Okay, first of all I had no idea that this book was in fact a zombie book. Seriously. From the short synopsis on amazon (I’m a Kindle junkie, I live on bloody amazon), I thought the story was going to be … Continue reading The book with ALL the gifts

Sar’s ShOcktober// TWD Ramble Part 2

  ‘This is not a democracy anymore!’ Day 27. Yea, it’s another Walking Dead (TV series, not comic series, although certain aspects of the comic will be mentioned). I just watched S3E2 last night…and wow. Just wow. Spoilers ahead, kids. I rambled earlier this month, about the deterioration of Rick Grimes…and I think Andrew Lincoln is playing him perfectly. Episode 2 of season 3 really drills home, just how far Rick has fallen. He went from being a very clean cut, merciful…dare I say, sort of boring =/ character…to being a borderline psychopath. He has no remorse, no more mercy, … Continue reading Sar’s ShOcktober// TWD Ramble Part 2

Sar’s ShOcktober// Zombified Conversations

Day 25. So I’m currently sat in on the XBox360 dashboard, in a party chat with @folicacid aka Ian, and we’re just chatting about the usual – gaming, music, the zombie apocalypse, and ultimate downfall of civilisation as we know it. Typical Thursday night conversation. Now, when I say ‘that game trailer‘, I am of course referring to the Dead Island trailer…yes, that trailer. It’s a truly amazing trailer, that trailer got me excited about gaming again. For so long, I’d been feeling quite ‘oh gaming…yea…whatever.’, then I saw the Dead Island trailer. The whole concept of the trailer, being in reverse, … Continue reading Sar’s ShOcktober// Zombified Conversations

Sar’s ShOcktober// Cockneys vs Zombies

‘You must be ‘avin a tin baarth!’ Day 21. I actually only watched this film last night, and I have to say – for a film I had no expectations of, it really did entertain me. So much so, that I will be buying it, once it’s released. It’s a horror-comedy, I like it call these types of films ‘zom-edies’ – it’s along the same lines as Shaun of the Dead, and Doghouse – both a little more tame than this film, as there’s plenty of (hilariously) severed limbs. I’m afraid my ramble does contain some ‘spoilers’ for the film. … Continue reading Sar’s ShOcktober// Cockneys vs Zombies

Sar’s ShOcktober// The Walking Dead

Day 19. Seeing as The Walking Dead season 3 premier is tonight, here in the UK anyway, I thought I’d have a bit of a ramble about everyone’s favourite zombie slaying Sheriff, and his merry band of misfits. I’m going to ramble about the TV series only, and keep the comics and show separate. Also, I won’t give away too many spoilers, as I really hate being spoilered -.- so it would be unfair, to anyone who hasn’t seen all of S1 or S2. I will be chatting about future/possibly characters for S3 (and perhaps beyond), but I will warn before I … Continue reading Sar’s ShOcktober// The Walking Dead

Sar’s ShOcktober// Films that freak me out…

Day 14. So yea, today I’m gonna ramble about a few films that have freaked me out, but aren’t necessarily supposed be freak you out…you’ll notice I’m not going to provide a synopsis for the films, as I’d hate to spoiler anyone =/ plus, this way you may be more inclined to watch some of them =) Coraline – I really love this film, but it really did freak me out…the buttons for eyes, eek *shudders*. It’s the part where Other Mother tries to convince Coraline to stitch the buttons over her own eyes…yea, seriously – freaked out, right there. … Continue reading Sar’s ShOcktober// Films that freak me out…