MK9 Review

Mooortal Kombaaat! Du du du, duh duh duh, du du du…*raves* Mortal Kombat, the 9th offering from NetherRealm Studios (formerly WB Games), is gore-laden, fatalicious, kombo-tastic goodness…sort of. Let’s break down the various game modes… Story mode – this mode is both genius, and rage inducing in equal measures. Split up into chapters (which are usually about 3 fights long, with cut-scenes interspersed), in each new chapter you play as a different character from the MK universe. The idea of this – making you play as each of the characters – is a good idea. Normally, I’d just select Mileena or … Continue reading MK9 Review

CoD [BlOps] It’s what’s on the menu!

Call of Duty: Black Ops, the 7th in the critically acclaimed first person shooter CoD series. This instalment is brought to you by Treyarch. The game was released worldwide on the 9th of November 2010. Whenever I think of a Call of Duty game, I think of a 3 course meal. The appetizer – campaign, is the start to your experience. It needs to be good, but just a taster of things to come. The mains – multi-player, this course needs to leave you feeling full, and satisfied. Then of course, the dessert – zombie mode. The dessert is often the … Continue reading CoD [BlOps] It’s what’s on the menu!

The Sims [PS]3[60]

The Sims 3 released on XBox360 & PS3, on Friday 29th 2010 (UK). When I think of The Sims, I automatically think PC game. This isn’t the first console outing for The Sims, however. The PS2, XBox, Gamecube & DS have all played host to the Sims in the past. So The Sims being brought to the current generation of consoles shouldn’t come as a big surprise. The console version of the game, is pretty much a clone of the PC version – with a few added features. You have access to ‘karma powers’, you gain karma at the end … Continue reading The Sims [PS]3[60]

Game Review – Dragon Age 2

Developer: BioWare Publisher: EA (Signature Edition contains ‘online pass’ for Black Emporium DLC) Released March 11th 2011 (UK). ‘So…you wanna know about the Champion of Kirkwall, eh? Well these days, who doesn’t? Maybe greasing my palm with a few sovereigns will jog my memory…?’ Taking the reigns from Dragon Age: Origins, DA2 is similar…but oh so much better. BioWare have essentially taken some of the things we loved about DA: O, and injected it with awesome. The end result, being DA2. The story of DA2 is cleverly conveyed through framed narrative, with a little help from a smart mouthed Dwarf, … Continue reading Game Review – Dragon Age 2