31 days, 31 gifts// Trololololol-ing all the while…

On the 9th of December, The ESC_Verse had no update, as Sarah was feeling most unwell, again. Thankfully Doc Brown showed up earlier, and we gunned it to 88. It’s lucky I know all of these time travellers really, isn’t it…? Yes, Sarah, indeed it is. You can tell I’m not well, I don’t usually answer, when I ask myself questions. So yea…today…yesterday…at some point in time…is gonna be a few vids of my favourite stand-up comedians, and their (sometimes) insane ramblings =) It’s sort of become a Sarah Christmas tradition to watch loads of stand-up DVDs at Christmas, and … Continue reading 31 days, 31 gifts// Trololololol-ing all the while…

Mrs Brown’s Boys

I haven’t had an upsetting day, but I was a bit annoyed this morning, I really do hate being lied to. I’m straight with you, so be straight with me. But regardless, I’m feeling like my old self again – with a little help from ‘Mrs Brown’s Boys’. If you haven’t seen this show before, you’re missing out. It is absolutely brilliant! Even the actors can’t do their job properly, for laughing. Tonight’s episode was especially funny. The part where Agnes was singing: ‘There was a young sailor who sat on the dock, shaking and waving his big hairy…fist! He … Continue reading Mrs Brown’s Boys

The Great Gamerscore Race 2012 – Saint’s Row The Third

In a bid to earn some extra gamerscore, I decided to play through ‘Saint’s Row 3’. I wasn’t expecting much, if anything from it. I didn’t like the previous 2 titles, and it’s not really my type of game…ah, how wrong I was… SR3 is easily one of the funniest games I’ve played, in a very long time. It’s completely insane – and it knows it! The characters, missions, the achievement names & icons…it’s just bonkers, but brilliant.  My ‘Saint’ is a red headed, currently steampunk clothed, Russian woman – with a fabulous dress sense (she didn’t wear a bright … Continue reading The Great Gamerscore Race 2012 – Saint’s Row The Third

31 days, 31 gifts – Gene Wilder Edition!

Today we have…Gene Wilder! I adore this man, and I admit that I used to have the biggest crush on him, when I was younger. Gene is an absolutely fantastic actor, he’s got a certain…boy-ish charm about him, that you can’t help but adore. He’s starred in some truly hilarious films – Young Frankenstein (which is in my top 10 films of all time, if you haven’t seen this film, you’re life is empty), The Producers, Blazing Saddles, The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes’ Smarter Brother, and of course the 4 films he starred in alongside Richard Pryor – Stir Crazy, … Continue reading 31 days, 31 gifts – Gene Wilder Edition!