Allison Hewitt Is Trapped

Allison Hewitt is Trapped by Madeleine Roux. Finished this book a few days ago, and decided that I enjoyed it so much, that I just had to ramble about it. What I loved most about this book was the concept of the chapters being blog entries – and the comments left for the blogger. I loved the odd comment where the person updated Allison on what was happening in other parts of the world, I liked how the zombie apocalypse was so wide spread and devastating. Some aspects bothered me – the brutality exhibited, over a rather trivial ‘crime’. I … Continue reading Allison Hewitt Is Trapped

The book with ALL the gifts

So. Wordyness is happening today. DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! I’m probably going to write a bunch of spoilery type stuff. Plan to read the book? Haven’t finished the book? Then don’t read the blog post, genius.  I finished ‘The Girl With All The Gifts’ a few nights ago. And now I’m going to chat at my blog about it. Okay, first of all I had no idea that this book was in fact a zombie book. Seriously. From the short synopsis on amazon (I’m a Kindle junkie, I live on bloody amazon), I thought the story was going to be … Continue reading The book with ALL the gifts

Sar’s ShOcktober// What A Bunch Of Misfits

Day 28. The Misfits. Do I really need to say more…? =p the line-up has changed more times that I’ve had hot dinners, but one thing remains – they’re still a fun band…although…yea, past ‘Fits FTW. Glenn Danzig pretty much invented horror punk, for me anyway. Without the ‘Fits, there would be no FDQ, Murderdolls, Aiden, Die Monster Die, and so many others. So yea…here’s some ‘Fits videos, some pre, some post-Danzig. Get the devil lock in place, and enjoy, kids =) Misfits – Die, Die My Darling. This has actually been covered by Metallica…and I’m gonna be a dick … Continue reading Sar’s ShOcktober// What A Bunch Of Misfits

Sar’s ShOcktober// TWD Ramble Part 2

  ‘This is not a democracy anymore!’ Day 27. Yea, it’s another Walking Dead (TV series, not comic series, although certain aspects of the comic will be mentioned). I just watched S3E2 last night…and wow. Just wow. Spoilers ahead, kids. I rambled earlier this month, about the deterioration of Rick Grimes…and I think Andrew Lincoln is playing him perfectly. Episode 2 of season 3 really drills home, just how far Rick has fallen. He went from being a very clean cut, merciful…dare I say, sort of boring =/ character…to being a borderline psychopath. He has no remorse, no more mercy, … Continue reading Sar’s ShOcktober// TWD Ramble Part 2

Sar’s ShOcktober// Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13, with a side order of Murderdolls…

Day 26. Earlier this month I mentioned Wednesday 13, well today, I’m gonna ramble and video spam you with 2 bands he’s been a part of. Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13 (or FDQ) and the Murderdolls. In my opinion, both were/are awesome bands. The music is fun, silly, loud, and generally always about either zombies, the word f**k, various horror movie characters…it’s basically just perfect Halloween party music. FDQ – They Only Wanna Eat Your Brains. This is actually my favourite track by FDQ, it’s silly, and gets stuck in your head. I find myself humming it for days … Continue reading Sar’s ShOcktober// Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13, with a side order of Murderdolls…

Sar’s ShOcktober// Zombified Conversations

Day 25. So I’m currently sat in on the XBox360 dashboard, in a party chat with @folicacid aka Ian, and we’re just chatting about the usual – gaming, music, the zombie apocalypse, and ultimate downfall of civilisation as we know it. Typical Thursday night conversation. Now, when I say ‘that game trailer‘, I am of course referring to the Dead Island trailer…yes, that trailer. It’s a truly amazing trailer, that trailer got me excited about gaming again. For so long, I’d been feeling quite ‘oh gaming…yea…whatever.’, then I saw the Dead Island trailer. The whole concept of the trailer, being in reverse, … Continue reading Sar’s ShOcktober// Zombified Conversations

Sar’s ShOcktober// Cockneys vs Zombies

‘You must be ‘avin a tin baarth!’ Day 21. I actually only watched this film last night, and I have to say – for a film I had no expectations of, it really did entertain me. So much so, that I will be buying it, once it’s released. It’s a horror-comedy, I like it call these types of films ‘zom-edies’ – it’s along the same lines as Shaun of the Dead, and Doghouse – both a little more tame than this film, as there’s plenty of (hilariously) severed limbs. I’m afraid my ramble does contain some ‘spoilers’ for the film. … Continue reading Sar’s ShOcktober// Cockneys vs Zombies