Warcraft. FML.

Dude, do you ever just wanna play Warcraft, despite not playing in over 3 years…? I went through a phase where I was pulling 8 hour gaming sessions on it, I wasn’t even in a decent guild! We were shit! But…the addiction was real. Anyway! I was reading some Warcraft fanfiction, because well, why not? Yup. Totally. You’re gonna go read some now, ain’t ya? Message me for recs ;-p anyway! It just got me wanting to play so bad. Like…I miss my little Paladin, she was freakin’ awesome. I miss that gorgeous little BElf. And my Warlock! OhmyChuck, I used … Continue reading Warcraft. FML.

Ready Player One

I’m not even really sure what this post is about anymore…this amazing book, or an indepth review of my life… I was in a book shop a couple of weeks ago, when I came across this book called ‘Ready Player One’. The cover is what caught my eye, so I picked it up, checked out the synopsis…and instantly knew I had to read this book… After just reading the initial prologue, I was mind blown. This book…WoW 😉 the characters are so easy to love, to relate to. And the bad guys are so easy to despise, you actually want … Continue reading Ready Player One

Online Loneliness – Revisited

On the 9th of December 2010, I wrote a short blog about how lonely I often get, while I’m online. I said in the post, that I wanted to make more of an effort to be a member of an online community. So, it’s now the 23rd of September 2011, I figured I’d give an update on how that little ‘goal’ has been going… I’m a writer over at http://thegameinvaders.com/, the owner (Amba) has actually became one of my best friends. She actually came to stay with me, for a couple of days. One of the guys who previously wrote … Continue reading Online Loneliness – Revisited

Online Loneliness

It’s been quite some time since I’ve had the time to actually use my laptop, I usually just make do with my iPod – as I’m addicted to twitter! I love using my laptop, so after weeks (even months) of not using it or the Internet (for anything other than tweeting), I was really looking forward to hopping on… 10 minutes later, I was staring at my desktop – wondering what to do. That’s when I came to the realisation that I really don’t do very much online. I’m not a member of any online communities, there are very few … Continue reading Online Loneliness