31 days, 31 gifts// Ian Somerhalder

On the 10th of December, The ESC_Verse got very sexy…Ian Somerhalder level sexy 😉 All images from google image search, and please note that this entry is VERY image heavy. Seriously…how beautiful is this man? Those eyes…and the hair…and that grin…ohmy…okay…I should probably write something about Ian, instead of just googling his beautiful face…seriously, those eyes…   Okay. So I first noticed Mr Somerhalder when he starred in Lost, as Boone Carlisle. He was so adorable as Boone, he always had such rosy cheeks! I was gutted when he left the show, as he was pretty much the only reason … Continue reading 31 days, 31 gifts// Ian Somerhalder

31 days, 31 gifts// Iwan Rheon.

‘He’s like a handsome shark…’ On the 5th of December, The ESC_Verse gifts to you, the rather delectable – Iwan Rheon! Now, not many people may know of Iwan, unless they’ve watched the channel 4 (or is it E4…? There’s definitely a 4 in it…) TV series ‘Misfits’. Iwan plays the social outcast, Simon. Si is an odd character, extremely socially awkward, but very loyal, adorkable, and sometimes extremely weird. But throughout…he’s gorgeous. Also, he sings…so yea. He’s practically perfect in every way. Iwan Rheon – You Are In Me. Iwan does actually have a very nice voice, very indie. … Continue reading 31 days, 31 gifts// Iwan Rheon.

Sar’s ShOcktober// Winchester Wednesday!

‘The whole thing remains mysterious…what are you doing to my foot…?’ Day 31. [Un]Happy Halloween, my little pumpkins. It’s Wednesday the 31st of October 2012. Or as I like to call it, ‘Winchester Wednesday’. That’s right, it just wouldn’t have been ‘Sar’s ShOcktober’ if Supernatural wasn’t mentioned. You know, I could write giant essays about why I love Supernatural so much…or I could provide you with videos and pictures. Read me fangirling or drool over Misha Collins…? Tough choice. Supernatural has been my favourite obsession since September of 2005. It’s been a long, often hard road for my favourite hunters. … Continue reading Sar’s ShOcktober// Winchester Wednesday!

Sar’s ShOcktober// Zombified Conversations

Day 25. So I’m currently sat in on the XBox360 dashboard, in a party chat with @folicacid aka Ian, and we’re just chatting about the usual – gaming, music, the zombie apocalypse, and ultimate downfall of civilisation as we know it. Typical Thursday night conversation. Now, when I say ‘that game trailer‘, I am of course referring to the Dead Island trailer…yes, that trailer. It’s a truly amazing trailer, that trailer got me excited about gaming again. For so long, I’d been feeling quite ‘oh gaming…yea…whatever.’, then I saw the Dead Island trailer. The whole concept of the trailer, being in reverse, … Continue reading Sar’s ShOcktober// Zombified Conversations

Things I do & do not want for Supernatural S8

*switches lightbulb to red* Alert! Alert! Spoiler Alert! Please do not read this post if you have not seen Supernatural S1-7. Okay, so I think it’s fairly obvious to anyone who reads anything here, that I’m a bit of a Supernatural fan (read: completely obsessed). Seeing as S8 has just started shooting, I figured I’d indulge in some fangirling, and write about some of the things I’d love to see in S8, and things I’m not particularly interested in seeing… Purgatory – I know that for budgeting reasons, we won’t get to see tons of Purgatory, but I’d like to … Continue reading Things I do & do not want for Supernatural S8

31 days, 31 gifts – Nathan Fillion Edition!

Today you’ll be getting to know Captain Ma…wait, no. You’ll be getting to know…Mr Nathan Fillion! Now, many of you will know Nathan as Castle – from the TV series ‘Castle’, I love Castle, it’s great…but! Nathan Fillion will always be Captain Malcolm ‘Mal’ Reynolds to me. I adore Firefly, it’s my second favourite TV show, it’s just amazing. I was devastated when it got cancelled! But yea, Nathan is a brilliant actor, and FYI – he should be Nathan Drake, damnit! Also, his bum is amazing, like seriously! Wow. If you know of the dashing Mr Fillion, but have failed to … Continue reading 31 days, 31 gifts – Nathan Fillion Edition!

31 days, 31 gifts – Ian Somerhalder Edition!

Today I give you…Ian Somerhalder! This stunning gentleman, with truly incredible eyes (I have a slight eye obsession), is most recognisable as the unfortunate Boone Carlyle from LOST, and more recently as Damon Salvatore in The Vampire Diaries. I know VD is quite ‘teen-ish’, but it is actually a rather good show. I love the first season the most, as Damon is so…Damonic 😉 bitchy, sarcastic, murderous, total bad boy, basically. Anyway, yes today is pretty much just pure eyecandy, enjoy! Continue reading 31 days, 31 gifts – Ian Somerhalder Edition!