31 days, 31 gifts// Let’s Relax…

On the 13th of December, The ESC_Verse was in the mood for some relaxing music… So here’s 10 tracks, that are just perfect for laying back, chilling out, and enjoying a lazy day with… Joachim Witt & Peter Heppner – Die Flut. This song…it’s incredible. I don’t speak German very well, but I know the lyrics (in German, and what they mean in English) off by heart – I’ve listened to this song a lot. Peter Heppner has one of the most beautiful, velvety voices. Stunning. Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR) – Long as I can see the light. I love … Continue reading 31 days, 31 gifts// Let’s Relax…

31 days, 31 gifts// Blue Eyes

Huh…I somehow managed to schedule the 12th’s post for the 21st…oh well. On the 12th of December, The ESC_Verse got sexy again…and yea – as usual – very image heavy. Sexy image heavy. I have this thing for blue eyes, all shades of blue eyes. I literally cannot resist a pair of beautiful blue eyes. So yea, today is basically just a bunch of photos, of really hot actors. Shallow, and fun 😉 This is in no way a comprehensive list…it’s just a few of my personal favourites. Also…let’s play a game – if you know any/all of the below … Continue reading 31 days, 31 gifts// Blue Eyes

31 days, 31 gifts// Iwan Rheon.

‘He’s like a handsome shark…’ On the 5th of December, The ESC_Verse gifts to you, the rather delectable – Iwan Rheon! Now, not many people may know of Iwan, unless they’ve watched the channel 4 (or is it E4…? There’s definitely a 4 in it…) TV series ‘Misfits’. Iwan plays the social outcast, Simon. Si is an odd character, extremely socially awkward, but very loyal, adorkable, and sometimes extremely weird. But throughout…he’s gorgeous. Also, he sings…so yea. He’s practically perfect in every way. Iwan Rheon – You Are In Me. Iwan does actually have a very nice voice, very indie. … Continue reading 31 days, 31 gifts// Iwan Rheon.

31 days, 31 gifts// Matt Smith

On the 3rd day of December, The ESC_Verse presents to you…Matt Smith! I’m a huge Doctor Who fan, and of course a huge David Tennant fan – I love Ten (though, who doesn’t?) – so I was slightly =/ during Matt’s first Who episode. I have to say, I really didn’t like him, at first. I missed the hi-tops, and the pinstripes. Now…? Total bow-tie girl 😉 also, this isn’t one of those in-depth looks into Matt’s career, it’s basically me rambling about how sexy he is. Enjoy. Matt Smith really is just delightful. During his first few Who episodes, I … Continue reading 31 days, 31 gifts// Matt Smith

31 days, 31 gifts// Auditory Completion

On the 2nd of December, The ESC_Verse presents to you…a small collection of songs, that everyone should hear, at least once. Each of these songs…they’re just so beautiful. If our souls could talk, this is how I’d wish for mine to sound like. Clean, pure, stunning, complete. All I ask, is that you listen to each track, before deciding you love or hate any of the songs. Listen, let the music wash over you, and if you still don’t need these bands in your life…well…maybe my idea of true beauty is just different to yours. Please note – this post … Continue reading 31 days, 31 gifts// Auditory Completion

Sar’s ShOcktober// Winchester Wednesday!

‘The whole thing remains mysterious…what are you doing to my foot…?’ Day 31. [Un]Happy Halloween, my little pumpkins. It’s Wednesday the 31st of October 2012. Or as I like to call it, ‘Winchester Wednesday’. That’s right, it just wouldn’t have been ‘Sar’s ShOcktober’ if Supernatural wasn’t mentioned. You know, I could write giant essays about why I love Supernatural so much…or I could provide you with videos and pictures. Read me fangirling or drool over Misha Collins…? Tough choice. Supernatural has been my favourite obsession since September of 2005. It’s been a long, often hard road for my favourite hunters. … Continue reading Sar’s ShOcktober// Winchester Wednesday!

Sar’s ShOcktober// Don’t mind this, it’s just epicness.

Day 29. Today I’m not going to try damaging anyone with dodgy music videos, books, zombie conspiracies or anything remotely scary, actually. Today, I’m going to post some music, that has bugger all to do with Halloween. It’s just awesome music. Why? Because the mentioned tracks are on my Halo-ween playlist =p plus, anyone who comes here, will probably have a great appreciation for some of the music below. It doesn’t matter what it is, where it comes from, or who plays it…as long as it sounds good, shut up, and enjoy it. Avantasia – The Scarecrow. Once you’ve listened … Continue reading Sar’s ShOcktober// Don’t mind this, it’s just epicness.