Overwatch? Overthinking & Support your Support!

New season on Overwatch… And woah. It is not going well for me. Usually (as in the past 4 seasons) I rank platinum. Until last night. Went through my placement matches (7 of which with my OW bestie, thank you R!), and honestly…I sucked. Like…I think there was 1 redeeming match where I played semi well as Ana (my support main anyway). Otherwise…seriously, I was doing everything wrong. Making stupid mistakes. I mean…I was being (deliberately) distracted…but…I’m usually good under pressure or while being distracted. So yea. I’ve ended up barely scraping into gold, which sucks. As I need 500+ … Continue reading Overwatch? Overthinking & Support your Support!

Let’s talk about S-E…wait, that’s not how you spell Overwatch…

You do realise that playing a game character doesn’t turn you into that character, right? You don’t magically acquire their attributes or personality. You main Winston – are you a genius ape with an arc pylon? Probably not. You main Jesse? Is it always high noon? Do you crave cigars? Wear a stetson…? Don’t lie to me, these are serious questions. Do you know where I’m going with this yet? Tracer’s gay. ‘Ew. I’m never playing her again.’ – it’s cool, she probably doesn’t want you playing with her anyway. I mean playing on her. I mean playing as her. … Continue reading Let’s talk about S-E…wait, that’s not how you spell Overwatch…

What Overwatch really needs…

I love playing Overwatch, it’s a fun and unique game. I play on console (PS4), but regularly watch twitch PC players, and wish I’d just gotten it for PC… So here’s some of the things it needs on console… You know the callout wheel? I call it the ‘chat without the chat wheel’. What we really need is some new options on that; ‘Thank you, Mei, for blocking our spawn with your ice wall. That really contributed to the team.’ ‘Yes. I can both see and hear that you need healing, but as our 3 (yes, 3) tanks have no … Continue reading What Overwatch really needs…

Game Review – Dragon Age 2

Developer: BioWare Publisher: EA (Signature Edition contains ‘online pass’ for Black Emporium DLC) Released March 11th 2011 (UK). ‘So…you wanna know about the Champion of Kirkwall, eh? Well these days, who doesn’t? Maybe greasing my palm with a few sovereigns will jog my memory…?’ Taking the reigns from Dragon Age: Origins, DA2 is similar…but oh so much better. BioWare have essentially taken some of the things we loved about DA: O, and injected it with awesome. The end result, being DA2. The story of DA2 is cleverly conveyed through framed narrative, with a little help from a smart mouthed Dwarf, … Continue reading Game Review – Dragon Age 2

Sar’s ShOcktober// Game Gore

Day 17. So yesterday’s ShOcktober was all about Isaac Clarke, and how awesome Dead Space is. And all of his brutal deaths, got me thinking on some of the most brutal video game deaths that I’ve seen, along with the creepiest moments. So yea, today is gonna be a mash-up of all the video game scenes that have freaked me out, or made my inner Jigsaw squeal with bloody delight… F.E.A.R – sadly the video is really dark, but it sort of adds to the tension. The overall death is truly brutal though, and creepy as Hell! This is why … Continue reading Sar’s ShOcktober// Game Gore

Sar’s ShOcktober// ‘How I Died’ by Isaac Clarke

Day 16. I’ve written about Dead Space 1&2 before, but they’re such good games, that I’m mentioning them again. Seriously, you need a scary game to play over Halloween? Look no further than the DS series, I actually had to play DS2 with my gaming partner, at the time, while in party…squealing at her, whenever I got scared aka constantly. So yea, both games have some brutal, and often interesting death scenes, for Isaac (I love Mr. Clarke <3) and for randoms…let’s take a look: Yea…not overly brutal, but really rather odd thing to stumble across, while you’re traversing the … Continue reading Sar’s ShOcktober// ‘How I Died’ by Isaac Clarke

Sar’s ShOcktober// CoD Zombies Soundtrack: Elena Siegman [+Treyarch Sound]

Day 12. ‘It’s a mere side effect…everything is normal.’ The ESC_Verse is in no way¬†affiliated¬†with Group 935, I just support their continued experiments on the living and/or dead…Oh, and their most appreciated offering of the ray gun ;-P Treyarch Sound, vocalist: Elena Siegman – The One (which goes with the Shi No Numa map. Locate the phone, answer it 3 times to activate the song, and unlock the achievement ‘dead air’.) Treyarch Sound, vocalist: Elena Siegman – Beauty of Annihilation (which goes with the der Reise map. Finding 4 (I think it’s 4? Going off memory here, not 100% sure) … Continue reading Sar’s ShOcktober// CoD Zombies Soundtrack: Elena Siegman [+Treyarch Sound]