Hollywood Undead – We Are

Okay, so I really love Hollywood Undead – which is something that never fails to confuse my close friends. I’m generally not a fan of ‘rap’ music…but really, if I like how something sounds – I’ll listen to pretty much anything. And I happen to think that Hollywood Undead sound awesome – Johnny 3 Tears, just yes. J3T is so far beyond sexy. Seriously, that voice…woah…actually, just the whole band are downright sexy sounding. But J3T & J-Dog have sexiness+5, obviously. Back to the music. Yea, they have some daft songs – the ‘party’ style songs, but even then, I … Continue reading Hollywood Undead – We Are

31 days, 31 gifts// Let’s Relax…

On the 13th of December, The ESC_Verse was in the mood for some relaxing music… So here’s 10 tracks, that are just perfect for laying back, chilling out, and enjoying a lazy day with… Joachim Witt & Peter Heppner – Die Flut. This song…it’s incredible. I don’t speak German very well, but I know the lyrics (in German, and what they mean in English) off by heart – I’ve listened to this song a lot. Peter Heppner has one of the most beautiful, velvety voices. Stunning. Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR) – Long as I can see the light. I love … Continue reading 31 days, 31 gifts// Let’s Relax…

31 days, 31 gifts// Corey Taylor

On the…what is today…? Ah, the 11th… On the 11th of December, The ESC_Verse would like to share with you, the pure talent – that is Corey Taylor. I’ve mentioned Mr Taylor a few times in the past, but he’s bloody amazing. Ergo, he deserves many more mentions. Also – Hey Tuesday! Pig n’ a poke! – as with most posts lately, very video/image heavy…but oh so worth it. Corey is the lyricist and vocalist for the bands Slipknot, and Stone Sour, respectively. In my opinion, he’s got one of the absolute best voices, in the whole of metal today. … Continue reading 31 days, 31 gifts// Corey Taylor

31 days, 31 gifts// Ian Somerhalder

On the 10th of December, The ESC_Verse got very sexy…Ian Somerhalder level sexy 😉 All images from google image search, and please note that this entry is VERY image heavy. Seriously…how beautiful is this man? Those eyes…and the hair…and that grin…ohmy…okay…I should probably write something about Ian, instead of just googling his beautiful face…seriously, those eyes…   Okay. So I first noticed Mr Somerhalder when he starred in Lost, as Boone Carlisle. He was so adorable as Boone, he always had such rosy cheeks! I was gutted when he left the show, as he was pretty much the only reason … Continue reading 31 days, 31 gifts// Ian Somerhalder

31 days, 31 gifts// Entwine.

On the 8th of December the ESC_Verse provides for you…5 reasons to love the Finnish band, Entwine. I really love this band, they’re incredible. Beautiful music, and their’s actual singing in it =O yes, I am finally posting something non-instrumental. Don’t worry, I won’t make a habit of it. Nothing Left To Say – Entwine. My friend, Mikko, got me into this band a fair few years ago now. We both love this song, because we’ve both been screwed over by exes – which is possibly why we’re both so emotionally disconnected now. Who knows *shrugs*. It’s a brilliant song, … Continue reading 31 days, 31 gifts// Entwine.