Things I learnt from an evening of Halo…

It will come to no surprise to anyone that has me on their XBL friends list, that I play a lot of Halo. So yea. I played for awhile last night, and learnt a few things… Never play hide and seek with a Banshee.¬†I had a good run, but the player eventually crashed the Banshee into the ground, just to kill me. Deadpool is someone you want on your team. Trust me on this. While playing SWAT on Complex, stalk your opponent, then assassinate them. And either giggle or do a victory jig. Over their corpse. Consequently, don’t spend too … Continue reading Things I learnt from an evening of Halo…

Sar’s ShOcktober// The Internet Is Weird

Day 24. Today’s (rather late) post, is a group effort. My brothers have decided to try traumatising me, with the random shit they watch on youtube. So yea…enjoy the random weirdness. It’s all really rather terrifying. I actually watched the South Park episode ‘Raising the Bar’, and thought the ‘Honey Boo Boo’ thing was just something that Parker & Stone had made up…how horrified I was, when my youngest brother, Chris, made me watch the actual…thing that is ‘Honey Boo Boo’. I’ve never been so scared or disgusted in my entire life D= more reasons to never have children. It’s … Continue reading Sar’s ShOcktober// The Internet Is Weird

Sar’s ShOcktober// Game Gore

Day 17. So yesterday’s ShOcktober was all about Isaac Clarke, and how awesome Dead Space is. And all of his brutal deaths, got me thinking on some of the most brutal video game deaths that I’ve seen, along with the creepiest moments. So yea, today is gonna be a mash-up of all the video game scenes that have freaked me out, or made my inner Jigsaw squeal with bloody delight… F.E.A.R – sadly the video is really dark, but it sort of adds to the tension. The overall death is truly brutal though, and creepy as Hell! This is why … Continue reading Sar’s ShOcktober// Game Gore

Sar’s ShOcktober// Some Zombie Game Modes What I Like.

Day 10. Anyone who knows me, or who has perhaps visited the ESC_Verse before, knows that I’m slightly obsessed with zombies. Which is why today, I’m gonna ramble about my favourite zombie game modes. ‘What fun!’, I hear you cheer. You will notice that games such as Left 4 Dead 1/2, etcetc are not mentioned…because they’re getting mentioned later in the month, you nosey sod! God! Let’s start with Halo’s ‘Infection’ or ‘Living Dead’ ¬†playlists. Fast, frantic, fun! My 3 favourite f’s, actually. The point of this playlist is to either kill the survivors if you spawn as a zombie, … Continue reading Sar’s ShOcktober// Some Zombie Game Modes What I Like.

Putting the lol back in to Halol!

I refer to Halo as Halol. Why? Because Halo is hilarious. And because I like how it sounds. Go on, say it ‘Halol…’ it just sounds and feels great on the tongue. I’ve been playing Halo Reach…pretty much all day. Halo used to be pretty much the only multiplayer game, that I ever played, way back when I had a 20GB HDD – and thought it would last me forever. I was never good at it. I would average between 3-7 kills, and 10-30 deaths…per match. Seriously, I sucked. I’m not the best Halo player, far from it in fact. … Continue reading Putting the lol back in to Halol!