Putting the lol back in to Halol!

I refer to Halo as Halol. Why? Because Halo is hilarious. And because I like how it sounds. Go on, say it ‘Halol…’ it just sounds and feels great on the tongue. I’ve been playing Halo Reach…pretty much all day. Halo used to be pretty much the only multiplayer game, that I ever played, way back when I had a 20GB HDD – and thought it would last me forever. I was never good at it. I would average between 3-7 kills, and 10-30 deaths…per match. Seriously, I sucked. I’m not the best Halo player, far from it in fact. … Continue reading Putting the lol back in to Halol!

Girl Gamer? No! Gamer, Just Gamer!

I’m a gamer, who happens to be female. I don’t like to refer to myself, or be referred to, as a “girl gamer”. I’m proud to be a gamer, not thinking of myself as a “girl gamer”, which inevitably conjures up images of unicorns and ‘Barbie’ games. Girls who do refer to themselves as “girl gamers”, or state “a girl beat you” in their profiles, irritate me. Why would anyone, irrespective of gender, feel the need to justify themselves? Both genders can have great skills as a gamer. Girls are quite capable of playing a FPS game, without having to … Continue reading Girl Gamer? No! Gamer, Just Gamer!

XBox LIVE vs. Female Gamers

I wonder why some males feel that females shouldn’t play video games? Along with, why do they seem to think that a female playing an online multiplayer game, is automatically looking for a boyfriend? Random messages I’ve recieved in the last few days and weeks: Suck my d*** – that’s a popular one. Get the d*** out of your mouth and play – fair enough, I left the game to get a drink and forgot to back out of the lobby. Get off the game and go have some babies. You’re a f***ing tease, stop chasing me – sent while … Continue reading XBox LIVE vs. Female Gamers