Playlist Chat

Okay, so as we’ve established before, I listen to a lot of music. Usually when I game, unless I really like talking to you. So yea…Cy heard me humming along to some music while we were playing Overwatch (obviously I love you Cyanyde, we only listen to the music because you like listening to it too =p), and she wants a quick rundown of the playlist I use most. Which is my…ah, charmingly titled ‘Snipin’ ‘nd Fuckery’ – oh yea, this blog probably isn’t for you know, decent people. Anyway! Okay, so…I snipe a lot, and I am extremely reckless…let’s … Continue reading Playlist Chat

…And unlike your anatomy, I’m glad I had it in me.

P!nk – The King is Dead… I know for a fact that one person (it’s Ian/Watson, obviously) is gonna mock me for this, but oh well. I actually really like ‘P!nk’, and I think this song is awesome. Some great lines in this track, the title being one of them. Enjoy =) Continue reading …And unlike your anatomy, I’m glad I had it in me.