Playlist Chat

Okay, so as we’ve established before, I listen to a lot of music. Usually when I game, unless I really like talking to you. So yea…Cy heard me humming along to some music while we were playing Overwatch (obviously I love you Cyanyde, we only listen to the music because you like listening to it too =p), and she wants a quick rundown of the playlist I use most. Which is my…ah, charmingly titled ‘Snipin’ ‘nd Fuckery’ – oh yea, this blog probably isn’t for you know, decent people. Anyway! Okay, so…I snipe a lot, and I am extremely reckless…let’s … Continue reading Playlist Chat

Sar’s ShOcktober// Game Gore

Day 17. So yesterday’s ShOcktober was all about Isaac Clarke, and how awesome Dead Space is. And all of his brutal deaths, got me thinking on some of the most brutal video game deaths that I’ve seen, along with the creepiest moments. So yea, today is gonna be a mash-up of all the video game scenes that have freaked me out, or made my inner Jigsaw squeal with bloody delight… F.E.A.R – sadly the video is really dark, but it sort of adds to the tension. The overall death is truly brutal though, and creepy as Hell! This is why … Continue reading Sar’s ShOcktober// Game Gore

Zen & the art of Sniping… Wait, what!?

Anyone who has ever played on Call of Duty or Battlefield with me, knows that I am not a sniper. I’m the one running around the map – capping, and occasionally  doing the odd spray ‘n pray. I’m no good at camping, as I find it incredibly boring, which is probably why I’ve never bothered trying to be a sniper. Gears of War & Halo are a completely different kettle of fish, I’m always the one legging it to the sniper spawn point. As on those games, I find sniping very easy, and I can still move around. Now, you can probably … Continue reading Zen & the art of Sniping… Wait, what!?