Bathe Like…A Unicorn…?

The unicorn trend is still going strong, and honestly? I am loving it. I don’t care “how 2017” it might be. I don’t know about you, but I could always do with something magical, sparkly and rainbow-esq in my life. Enter the Imperial Leather Unicorn Marshmallow Foamburst. Quite a mouthful. I got mine from Sainsbury’s(well, my boyfriend got them for me), and they were £2 each. However, at Asda, you can nab this limited edition foamburst for £1.50 each. Boots and Superdrug also have this available, and are charging £2 also. So, if you have an Asda local to you, either pop … Continue reading Bathe Like…A Unicorn…?

On the Lash(es)!

Another new thing that I’ve only just recently tried! False lashes. And oh my goodness…how did I ever exist without them!? I’ve always thought of lashes as really extra, over the top and just kind of silly…and then I tried them. And I take back every single word. I genuinely am in love with false lashes! I’ve been using lashes that I got for £3.00 at Primark – yes, we all know by now, I like a cheeky beauty bargain! The lashes that I am wearing in the photos are by Girls With Attitude (on the actual GWA site, the lashes are … Continue reading On the Lash(es)!

The Dark Circle

Dark circles, also known as the bane of my life. I’m actually…kind of embarrassed and even ashamed to share these pictures – ignore my crazy eyebrows! – but this is my blog, so I am posting this. I have very, as you can see, problematic dark circles. It takes me about 45 minutes alone, just to cover my circles. That’s partly to do with being still quite new to colour correcting, using foundation and also using concealer. Yes, I have spent the majority of my life just accepting them. Being desperately unhappy, but accepting them. Until I watched some Instagram … Continue reading The Dark Circle

I’m not one of those…

I read an interesting (read: insulting, biased, dickish, douchey – because I’m none of the ideal things) article a few days ago. Basically, explaining what women should do/wear/behave to make themselves appear more attractive. So! We seemingly shouldn’t have chips or smudges in our nail polish manicure…ever. Which is hilarious to me, as my nails are always chipped – I use my hands, funnily enough. And when my nails are painted, they’re ridiculous colours. Sexy, matching underwear is apparently a mandatory rule. Another hilarious one. Yea…I’ll stick to my neon sports bras, tshirt bras and ‘nerdy’ boxer shorts, thanks. Knowing … Continue reading I’m not one of those…

Nail it!

So I’ve recently started doing acrylic nails, just as a hobby type thing. And that has led to me becoming slightly addicted to painting my own nails, and generally just experimenting with different colours, gems, etc. Which has then led to me discovering Zoya Nail Polish, which is beautiful to apply, and the end result is gorgeous. The polish is part of Zoya’s PixieDust collection, the exact name of the one I used is ‘Imogen’. I love black nail polish, always have done. But I also love glitter, and all things sparkly. Which is why this polish is so perfect … Continue reading Nail it!