My life story & other anecdotes

40464_418861755775_722200775_5261558_4436687_n Hi, welcome to the ESC_Verse. My ‘Verse. So yea…who am I…? Well, my given name is Sarah, but I very rarely get called that. I always go by ‘Sar’ – not S-are, it’s S-air. My chosen name is Artemis Alecto. Why…? Artemis, as in the Huntress, but also as in Art3mis from Ready Player One. And what about Alecto…? Well, Alecto, as in the unceasing anger. Let’s say that my true name is HerEvilRoyalty, because that’s what I go by just about everywhere. Starting to feel like you know me yet?  heavy-rain-1

Well there’s one thing you don’t know about me yet. …I’m a wizard. And sometimes I’m a pirate. e943_zombie_monkey_plushOccasionally a ninja. Always a posse magnet. Also…I hate bananas. But zombie monkeys? I am totally cool with them. But no bananas, whether they’re wrapped in human flesh or not. Just no. Nope. On the Nope train to Nopesville.

HIM-Strange-WorldI was born long ago, in a Galaxy far, far away…

Wait. Wrong life story.

I was born in the great year of 1986, although people that know me well, will probably tell you that my birth year is tumblr_lw6549x6sX1qe9apmo1_500more like 1886. I am the girl anachronism.

Sam and Dean Winchester are kind of like…family, almost, to me. I’ve adored these characters since the 13th of September 2005. Dean especially, Jensen Ackles is perfection. And then they had to add Castiel into the mix, and just ruin my life. Ruin it by making me love the show even more. Life ruiners, the lot of ’em.

I love technology, but I also love history. I tend to live in my own little world, most of the time. Hence the name of my blog.

sarahth_SarMishaI drink a lot of tea. I live for the band HIM. I’ve currently seen them 28 times. I’ve worshipped this band for well over a decade. I’ve hugged Ville Valo, I can die happy. I’ve got a slightly unhealthy obsession with Overwatch, the Joker, wolves, Skulduggery Pleasant, Cayde-6, loot (‘if we kill them, we can take their stuff!’ – Isabela, my Pirate Queen <4), Anders of Dragon Age and just DA in general – I regularly fall in love with video game characters, Finland, Jack Skellington, Deadpool, Family Guy, being a Wizard, water in video games, water in general, nail art, reading – I am a bibliophile, forensic science, Supernatural – I’ve obsessed over this show since it first began (and I’ve met most of the cast =D), Jack the Ripper – it’s a Sar thing, Misha Collins, The Walking Dead – Rickyl! Caryl!, Camden, Placebo – Brian Molko completes me, Bungie – gimme a job!, carrots – I freaking love carrots and would happily eat them everyday, liquorice, Anno Dracula, Lilith – you know from Borderlands =D, energy drinks – RockStar or Relentless only though!, sharks, Heavy Rain – that game is stupidly important to me as it’s one of the games that made me truly realise how much I want to be a video game designer, South Park, zombies –
my entire life revolves around waiting for the zombie apocalypse to happen, Colin O’Donoghue – sexy as frakk, glittery shit – glitter is awesome and should be 1 of your 5 a day, blue eyes, Minions, Mark Hamill’s voice – he is my Joker,  Cortana – Halo is my true love, just gaming in general, Lady Sylvanas th_SarSebastianiconWindrunner – she is so beautiful, Benedict Cumberbatch – you don’t understand how beautiful he is, Kingdom Hearts, Sherlock Holmes – duh, CKY, anime, Lego, Ready Player One – this book…I can’t even make you understand how important this book is to me, Young Frankenstein, Is this a zombie? – Eucliwood Hellscythe is my hero, quoting random shit from every fandom in existence, fandom, fanfiction – reading and writing, writing – in general, did I mention being a wizard…? See, way back in high school, when they whined on at me to decide what I wanted to be…I only ever wanted to be a wizard. A space wizard. A space wizard, on the frakkin’ moon. S’why I love Destiny =p in all honesty,halo_anniversary_badge I could be here for the rest of my lives, just going on about all the shit I love. So let’s narrow this down. I love a lot of stuff. Look. I’m a Time Lord, I love awesome shit and discussing all of the awesome shit, at every LegoBatman171008_450x425given moment. While dancing around the TARDIS’ console room.

I’m pierced, tattooed and my hair is pink. I’m not a pretty or girly type of female. I’m awkward, nerdy, taciturn, cocky, gobby, very contradictory. I’m also extremely aggressive, volatile and reckless – which is why I’m sometimes either the most awesome or the worst mistake ever to have on your team, whether that’s in game or real life.

I design games, I play games, I love games, I think about games, I talk about games. Games are a frakkin’ big part of who I am. Gaming is my major nerd-on. I’m competitive, I play for fun, I play for loot, I’m a sore loser. ‘If you wanted to be in the lead, you’d get in front of me’ – sorry, my cocky is showing =p

I collect stuff. All kinds of stuff. Random things. Like the BatPig piggy-bank. Or k2-_5aa5c1d6-9e0f-4d74-b444-9acb51ea839f.v1glittery nail polish. Or comics. Snowglobes, snowglobes are awesome. Money too, I like to collect money. Do you wanna help add to my money collection…? Go on, it’ll do you good.

Glossary of all the shit you probably didn’t understand, or were confused about. 

<4 is more love than ❤

Gender – is utterly unimportant to me. I’m a wizard, not a witch. I’m a Time Lord, not a Time Lady. I’m female, but I can be Iron Man if I want to be, okay? Good. Get me a cuppa, yea?

0001xr5dNerd-on – it’s like a hard-on, but nerdier.

Destiel – canon. Canon. Canon. Canon.

There’s something you don’t know about me. …I’m a wizard. – this is always said in a very specific tone of voice, usually said after I’ve done something immense. Like survived a crazy round in a game, where I should have died about 58 different times. Cocky, remember?

The anachronistic young gentleperson – I’m not from this time. Now, if yosvg_autocad_tardis_by_lablayers-d6xu93gu’d kindly excuse me, I must be at the apothecary, post-haste! *checks pocket-watch,
polishes monocle* damn and blast! I must also call upon the haberdashers!

It’ll do you good – something I say, almost every single day. Where it’s in regards to a cup of tea, buying a new pair of shoes or playing a game with me. Trust me, it’ll do you good.

Knight VS Anarchy – Bats/Joker is canon. Lil Bats and Lil Joker accompany me on my time travels. They love taking selfies, while holding hands.

SouthPark12I am Butters – yea, Butters is my spirit animal. That little dude is awesome. Well, I think he is. Maybe the fact that everyone compares me to him isn’t all that swish…? Nah.

I’ll break every bone in your body. Twice. – I threaten people I love all the time. If I love you, I’ve probably promised to break your nose or slap you silly. I also regularly call loved ones: slute, slag, twat, whore, bitch, dick, etcetc. I’m lovely, and utterly charming.



One thought on “My life story & other anecdotes

  1. I love your blog! Read all your posts as a girl who games (not girl gamer :p) I have to agree with the harassment side – why do some men act like this on XBOX live?! Wonder if its as bad on Ps3?

    Anyways just thought I’d drop by and say hi, I blog too (think this comments links) and I’ve added you to my blog roll 🙂 Drop by and say hi!

    GOG x

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