About Me


Hello there, and thank you for visiting The ESC_Verse.

I’m Sarah, I’m 32, from the North East of England. I often go by ‘HerEvilRoyalty’, on social media and various gaming platforms.

I have a cat, Harley, she’s very well named. Her attitude and violence are very on brand with her namesake. She’s a demonic little fluffball, but I love her to bits. The man in the photos with me, is my partner, Daz aka Harley’s furdaddy.

I love writing, reading, gaming – console/handheld/PC, playing badminton, cooking – mainly baking, watching anime, true crime, discussing Jack the Ripper, picnics with my partner, reading comics – primarily DC, photography.

I’m here to write about the things that I love, experience or want to experience in the future.