Ramble On…

I’ve been wanting to write for the past few days, and the truth is, each time I’ve tried…I’ve just lost…whatever in me, that drives me to write.

So yea…I’m not going to review, or whatever. I’m just going to ramble.

Black by Pale Waves is freaking amazing. It’s got me singing along and dancing…my dog hates it. The song and the singing/dancing.

I’m having some amazing problems with my wisdom teeth. I sure hope this pain doesn’t end anytime soon…

I haven’t really hit Kingdom Hearts 3…I don’t even know why…well…it’s cause my mind is really full, and yea…just not really been feeling it, ya know?

I want it on Switch. That’s the problem.

Started a new book, Spellslinger…I’m actually really enjoying it. There’s a whole series, so that’ll keep me busy for a few days.

I guess…I’m feeling a bit down, a bit…bleh. Yea.

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