Weekly Roundup 03/02/19; What I’ve been watching, reading, playing, listening to.

YOU. Yup, still watching and loving ‘You’. I’m getting through it as slowly, because I’m watching it in conjunction with my partner, and he keeps dosing off.

onesheetResident Evil: The Final Chapter. I actually really enjoyed this, but to be fair…I’ve enjoyed all of the Resident Evil films, because I accept them for what they are. Silly, and they’re a very loose interpretation of the games. Don’t scrutinise every aspect, and you find them really enjoyable, action movies. This one…yea, the zombies didn’t feel especially problematic, it was Umbrella that was the adversary here, 100%, instead of the zombies being at the forefront in terms of danger. Anyway, overall, it was noisey, silly, gorey and extremely entertaining. It’s the type of film that makes you want to eat a lot of popcorn. I enjoyed learning more about Alice, and how/why she came to be. Overall, it’s definitely worth a watch! Milla is as beautiful as ever, really love her as Alice.

Friends. I’ve never actually watched Friends before…and honestly, I probably won’t continue. I’ve managed 6 episodes…and I’m not overly impressed. And that’s all I’ll be saying with regards to that.

Circe by Madeline Miller. Finally finished this a few days ago, and have to say, I enjoyed every second of it. The ending did feel a tad rushed, if I’m honest, but overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the book. Circe was a very likeable character, I found her utterly intriguing and was yearning for her to succeed and sort of get back at her vile family. It’s something I think everyone should at least try to read or listen to, it really is a beautifully written story.

Tales of Vesperia [Nintendo Switch]. Still in love with this.

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana [Nintendo Switch]. This is just…oh my gosh, it’s beautiful. e6f66e54c0fb5a4bb6d59940ea57ead9b318f87cI’ve wanted this title for a little while, and saw that it had been reduced to £34.99, so had to nab it. And I’m so glad that I did, I’m really enjoying this game, thus far!

Destiny 2 [PS4]. I’m slowly working on The Last Word quest line, although I’m not dedicating all that much time to it, as I’m enjoying playing on my Switch far more, it just feels more rewarding to me, and a lot more fun. Especially when Destiny is so keen on grinding.

91ChoDK-PGLThe Lie Tree by Frances Hardinge, read by Emilia Fox. It took me a little while to truly get into this, but once you get past the start – which is really vital, actually, as it’s helping to set the tone and the era. Females are inferior, they exist to look pretty and do as the menfolk say. Enter Faith. She’s incredibly smart, cunning, a very convincing liar…and most of all, she’s pretty much invisible to those around her. No one sees her for who she truly is, or just what she can actually do. Basically, there’s a tree…and if you feed it a convincing lie, and get that lie to spread…the tree will bear you a fruit. That will show you a truth. Honestly, it’s one of the most beautifully melancholy things I’ve ever read/listened to. Emilie Fox absolutely kills it too, she’s got the perfect voice for Faith, and her accents/male voices are actually brilliant too. They’re not comical, and don’t detract or distract, they just flow and…work. It’s a fantastic read/listen.


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