You know, I have very few female friends…we’re talking less than 5. Less than 3 if we count true ones, that I trust and love deeply.

One of then is my mam. Another is my partners sister. And the final is a woman I’ve never even met in person, but consider her a sister…well, a wifey.

Now, I’m not bothered that I don’t have a huge social circle, quality over quantity. However, my male friends do drastically outweigh my female friends, and sometimes…you just need to talk to another woman.

Like last night, I was actually able to get some worries and stresses off my chest, and get some much needed reassurance. Now, I’m not sexist, I’m very genderblind…but my male friends that I have, can’t understand why I was upset or needed someone to just…relate to me. Which is why it’s so nice to have the few females in my life, that I do have.

I talk to all of my friends, and they are all equal…and I am grateful for all of the friends I have, especially those closest to me.

My point is…for the first time in my life, I have some fantastic people around me. And I’m grateful. For them.

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