The Trepidation Factor

Am I the only one that has a fear…a trepidation, that something you’re excited for…will end up not living up to the high standard, you’ve already mentally set it to? Yes, we’re talking games here, but we’re also going to touch on other things.

I have Kingdom Hearts 3. Now, I have a strange relationship with certain games, the Kingdom Hearts series falls into one of this strange relationships. I’m desperate to play KH3…I’m beyond excited, I have been beyond excited for months…but now that it’s here, there’s almost a sense of disappointment, that I’ll not have that sort of…end goal, the release date to count down to. Does that make any sense…?

I’m also hesitant because it’s been…over a decade. I’ve been waiting for this game for over a decade…or at least, an extremely long time. Part of me wants to dive in and just enjoy it, while the other part is concerned that it’s going to fall flat and disappoint me.

Should I be this overly involved with video games…? Probably not. Am I going to change anytime soon…? Absolutely not.

It’s the same with a book I’m currently reading, Circe by Madeline Miller. I am thoroughly enjoying the book, but I find myself thinking up reasons to not finish the book…because I’ve enjoyed it so thoroughly, that I’m anxious that something is going to happen to ruin it. I’ll be let down by the ending, I’ll be sad when the adventure all comes to an end…

Yes, I’m severely in need of a life, and nope, not going to look for one anytime soon. I love my…well, my partner would call them quirks. I am going to play KH3. I’m probably going to play it to death, but…there will still be part of me anxious about whether it will disappoint me. Let’s hope it doesn’t, let’s all hope that KH3 has been worth the infinitely long wait.

Happy gaming!

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