The Great Gaming Alphabet, According to Royalty, A is for…

Title says it all. We’re going to go through the alphabet, naming 3 brilliant games for each letter. It’s not exactly rocket surgery. Rules…there are no rules. Any system, any release date, it just has to begin with the specified letter.

A is for…

American McGee’s Alice & Alice: Madness Returns. I really loved both of these games, mv5bzjk2owmxyzytmmezmi00m2qylwezmmytowy0y2ywnzhhnmqwl2ltywdll2ltywdlxkeyxkfqcgdeqxvymtk2oti1mg@@._v1_sx1777_cr0,0,1777,999_al_Madness Returns is fresher in my memory, but the ‘Wonderland’ in both titles is just perfect, for me. I really dislike the Alice in Wonderland novel by Lewis Carroll, I just can’t get away with it…but I tend to love darker, more gothic novels set in the universe. Enter the game! It’s just visually very pleasing to me, and I would actually love to see both games remastered or even a new title (which was rumour back in 2017). Especially on the Switch…anyway! Alice Liddell is a traumatised young woman, damaged by the tragic deaths of her family which she believes herself to be responsible for, is imprisoned in an asylum, and later released into an orphanage…look, this kid has had it rough. Anyway, back to the damaging Wonderland, to try to unravel her past and regain her forgotten memories, from the night of her family’s deaths. It’s just a really beautiful, dark and twisted take on the fairytale classic. The gameplay wasn’t anything revolutionary, but the combat system was enjoyable and simple enough to get to grips with.

A is also for…

Animal Crossing: New Leaf. A super cute game, this time letting you take the mantel of Mayor. You can customise your town, build, decorate, improve and manage…you get to play God, basically. I love it. I just enjoy interacting with all of the colourful and super cute characters. It’s a lovely little DS game, cannot wait for the new AC title on Switch to release.

A is actually also for…

Aion: Tower of Eternity. A PvP and PvE MMORPG, I was a bit of a MMORPG junkie, back 3xdv5z6in the day. And I spent a lot of time (300+ hours on this one) on this one, mainly on my mage…who a bit later on became a sorcerer, if I remember correctly. This was originally played about a decade ago, remember. I think I spent the majority of my time trying to obtain mounts, an excellent usage of my time. I do have some fond memories of this game, it was very pretty, I’m sure my toon had pink bunches…anyway. I later moved onto Warcraft, and unfortunately made friends there and abandoned Aion…but it was a really fun game, might even be worth revisiting.

A could also be for…

  • Amnesia: Dark Descent and Machine for Pigs. I actually had to do a VGD project, that I based around both of these games, and survival horror in general. Both excellent games, but I much prefer to watch them being played…as it’s less stressful. Don’t you judge me.
  • Ace Attorney. Freaking love the Ace Attorney games, and need some on the Switch, thanks Nintendo!
  • Alex Kidd. Loved Alex when I was younger, I believe some (Enchanted Castle, maybe?) is featured in the Sega Classics Collection.
  • A Kingdom For Kelflings. An XBox360 arcade game, that I absolutely adored. It was such a cute title, and I think your friends could enter your Kingdom and either help or hinder…did I dream that feature…? Anyway, this was a super cute arcade game, which I’m sure was free on Gold, at some point?

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