Nintendo Switch Upcoming Excitement

I’ve just recently been bought a Nintendo Switch (the Let’s Go Pokemon Pikachu edition), and I am utterly addicted to it. I currently have Let’s Go Pokemon: Pikachu, Lego DC Villians, and Tales of Vesperia. I love all 3 titles, but Tales definitely holds my heart…for now.

Which brings us to some of the upcoming releases, that I am especially excited about! Let’s have a little look, shall we?

h2x1_nswitch_marvelultimatealliance3theblackorder_image1600wMarvel Ultimate Alliance 3. I am actually more excited for this, than I am for Kingdom Hearts 3 – anyone that knows me, knows how desperate I am for that to just be available already (tonight! Yes!), but this excitement pales in comparison, to the excitement I feel for MUA3. I love the other MUA titles, so I am beyond happy to see a 3rd game being released (it’s only been about a decade since MUA2!), especially as it’s being released on the Switch! This will be an insta-buy for me. TBD for 2019 release.

Animal Crossing. Oh yes. I love the Animal Crossing games, they are beyond adorable! sq_nswitch_animalcrossingGive me it now! The last AC game I played was New Leaf, which I still actually play to this day…so yea, I’m very excited to see AC come to the Switch! I’m still relatively new to the Switch system, but I just see so many endless possibilities for it. I’m actually surprised at just how much I’m enjoying it, and how taken by it, I appear to be. I knew I was going to enjoy the console, but I just hadn’t realised how much! I’m preferring my Switch, to my traditional gaming sessions on the PS4 or PC. Yup. I’m a Switch convert. I’ve always loved Nintendo, their handheld consoles and their flagship titles, but Nintendo have never had my ‘go to’ system. Now…? Yea. Switch is my console of choice. And Animal Crossing is a title that I am especially looking forward to! TBD for 2019 release.

nkqvqkw7omfdfop4tsohPokemon. I love the Pokemon games. I own all of the Pokemon games…I have a problem, when it comes to Pokemon titles…so obviously, I’m excited for this one! It’s rumoured to be following in the steps of X/Y and Sun/Moon. Which I am ecstatic about. To be fair, I’m just ecstatic because we’re getting another Pokemon game, and you can never have too many Pokemon games. Ever. Especially if said Pokemon game will featured the extended Pokedex, ’cause I need more than just the base Pokedex. TBD for 2019 release.

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster. Yes, I have the original games on PS2. Yes, I have theh2x1_nswitchds_finalfantasyxx2hdremaster_image1600w PS4 HD remaster…yes, I will be buying this version also. Because it’s Tidus! And Yuna! And I love them, and am very excited to see how this plays on the Switch. I’m loving how Tales of Vesperia is playing as a handheld (haven’t ‘Switched’ yet), so I have high hopes for FFX/X-2! Available 16/04/2019, woop!

The above are my top 4, but I am also really excited for Mortal Kombat 11, it’ll be interesting to see how well that translates to the Switch. Also really looking forward to Crash Team Racing, I think that will be a lot of fun. Fire Emblem: Three Houses also sounds really promising, I enjoyed Shadows of Valentia, so I have high hopes for this Switch debut.

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