Weekly Roundup 27/01/19; What I’ve been watching, reading, playing, listening to.

you_(tv_series)_intertitleYOU. I actually read the book a good few years ago, and I do believe I have the sequel, Hidden Bodies on my old Kindle. I really enjoyed the book, and I am absolutely loving the Netflix adaptation. Joe is as deliciously creepy as he was in the book, and the actor portraying him…woah. That man is sexy. Beck is as tedious and annoying, as she was in the book, and the actress playing her is also killing it. Yea, really great show, must watch, even if you haven’t read the book! I’m only a few episodes in, but I’m absolutely hooked.

Benidorm. I seriously love this show, I’ve seen every season I don’t even know how many times, but it’s just a laugh to have on in the background.

Family Guy. Again, don’t know how many times I’ve watched S1-18, I kind of own them all, but I can watch Family Guy over and over again. This and South Park are my 2 favourite animated (not anime, thank you, that’s an entirely different kettle of fish. And would be a rather gigantic list) comedy series. I think I’m definitely Stewie…xD

Harry Enfield & Chums. I’m sort of being made to watch this, although I am finding it highly entertaining. I think I was possibly too young, when this was actually popular back in the early ’90’s. So I’m being introduced to it…a couple of decades later. It’s funny, even if I don’t understand all of the references.

Is This A Zombie…? Easily my favourite anime, it never fails to make me laugh. Eu is my spirit animal.

Circe by Madeline Miller. This book…wow. It is just stunning. The writing is so refined, 9781408890080the story telling is on point. It’s just a brilliant book. I absolutely love Circe, she’s a fascinating character – the daughter of the titan, Helios, she’s ignored or mocked her entire life…until she’s exiled by Zeus, for ‘crimes’ involving her usage of pharmika magic. Of course, once exiled…she can really embrace this form of magic. I’m currently upto chapter 14, and I’m ready to devour the rest. What’s interesting is that I’m also listening to Mythos by Stephen Fry, so I am kind of waiting to see if we’re going to hear about her in that too, although I suspect she might not be mentioned in this, but perhaps in his other book/audiobook, Heroes? Which I am absolutely buying, as Mythos is fantastic, and I need more.

81ue3juno5l._sy445_Tales of Vesperia [Nintendo Switch]. I played this game 10 years ago, on the XBox360…and I literally played it to death. I loved it then, and I absolutely adore it now too. I’m especially enjoying it on the Switch, I’m just loving the Switch at the moment, in all honesty. It’s just a lovely handheld, I’ve been playing the Switch more than my PS4, this past month. ToV is as beautiful as ever, it really is the best game in the Tales series. Can’t recommend it enough, it’s just so lovely to go back and be reintroduced to my favourite characters (Rita!), plus the new release (Switch, PS4, XBOne) comes with all of the previously unreleased, save from in Japan (and possibly PS3?), content! It’s just a gorgeous game. I’m even thinking about getting it on PS4 also, that’s how much I love this title.

Tales of Berseria [PS4]. I grabbed this in PSN’s New Year sale, and I’m so happy that I did! It’s stunning, Velvet is just…she’s so perfect, I love her. Really enjoying this, although I’m not overly far into it. I am much preferring it to Tales of Zestiria, which I picked up Christmas 2017, in the PSN sale from that year. Although I’m sort of binge playing ToV, at the moment, I will absolutely be properly diving into this.

Overwatch [PS4]. The Lunar New Year event is currently running (until the 18th/19th of February), and yea…some of the skins are okay, but on the whole…I’m not that hyped, if I’m honest. I still love the game, and I am definitely going to play more…but the past year or so, I just haven’t really cared about many (if any) of the skins. I think the Halloween ones are the only skins that are really worth anything, to me, anyway. I’m looking forward to the next Archives event, as I really enjoy the additional PVE-esq modes. Not overly enthused about CtF, it’s either sit on your flag and be bored as Bastion/Sym/Torb/etc., or dash about as Tracer/Lucio/Hammy/etc. Yea, I’d rather just play some comp.

Fallout Shelter [Nintendo Switch]. Am I the only one that gets really addicted to this…then bored…then addicted…then bored, leave it for a few weeks…then play for 5 hours solid…? No? Just me…? It’s free to play, come on.

Pale Waves. The female fronted version of The 1975, who have been rather lacking for vo5nmeawards2018_pale_waves_1262-920x584me, lately. Hence the listening to Pale Waves instead. Some of their songs are just so catchy…but morose. I love it. My current favourites are, ‘Kiss’, ‘Black’, ‘Heavenly’, ‘Loveless Girl’, and ‘Eighteen’.

Diary of Dreams. Adrian Hates. That is all. No, but seriously, some of the tracks are super catchy…in a darkwave sort of way. The Wedding. I need say no more.

Haste the Day. I had forgotten just how much I enjoy this band, the standout tracks for me are always, ‘Long Way Down’ and ‘White as Snow’.

And that wraps my week of entertainment up. See ya next week!

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