So! Night before last I played some OW comp, solo queue =( you can probably guess just how badly it went. I lost about 100 SR -.- bringing me down to low 2300’s. After a losing streak of 4 matches – purely down to the entire team (myself included) making stupid decisions, not utilising ults and of course, trickling. Also…Bastion, Widowmaker, Hanzo, Genji, Reaper and me as Zen, on attack, didn’t help much. I saw zero point in Mercy-ing, as everyone insta-died regardless of my healing input.

So yea. Last night, I go on…and we win our first match, by miles. So I grouped up with one of the team – who is a Mercy main, and a bloody good one at that. And…I got back the 100 SR I lost, and then some! We had some brilliant matches, and won 95% of them =D

Knowing you have a decent support backing you, is half the battle. We weren’t even communicating, save for group up/thanks (for heals), yet we played better than I play in a 3+ stack of all communicating players. Mercy main is my new bestie.

We also got some really good teammates, that stuck together and took points or defended points together. Overwatch is a 1000x’s more fun when it’s actually being played as a team game.

I just love Overwatch, yes, maybe a bit too much.

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