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Okay, so as we’ve established before, I listen to a lot of music. Usually when I game, unless I really like talking to you. So yea…Cy heard me humming along to some music while we were playing Overwatch (obviously I love you Cyanyde, we only listen to the music because you like listening to it too =p), and she wants a quick rundown of the playlist I use most.

Which is my…ah, charmingly titled ‘Snipin’ ‘nd Fuckery’ – oh yea, this blog probably isn’t for you know, decent people. Anyway! Okay, so…I snipe a lot, and I am extremely reckless…let’s see if this playlist helps to answer the ‘why does Sar drive off of cliffs a lot?’/’How the fuck did she get a 7.00 k/d ratio…? When she’s shit.’/’Why can’t you heal me!? YOU ARE A HEALER! YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE A PROPER GUN!’ er…questions. – All actual questions either put to me, or I know you’re secretly wondering.

The playlist is actually 17.9 hours long, with 270 tracks. Let’s do the top/most listened to…15?

Obviously I’m not gonna embed the videos, as jeez…that would be annoying. I’ll provide links, ’cause I’m awesome like that.

In no particular order:

Aiden – Killing Machine. I just really like Aiden, wiL/William’s voice makes me very happy. The rhythm just psyches me up.

cKy – A#1 Roller Rager. cKy feature a lot on this playlist, and I frakkin’ love this one. It’s totally not what I hum on the rare occasions I manage to pull the #1 spot. I’m cocky as frakk behind a controller xD awesome band, awesome track.

Enter Shikari – Ghandi Mate, Ghandi. I frakkin’ love this track, how it’s an argument…and I might just really love Rou Reynolds – he always sounds so intense.

Avatar – Hail the Apocalypse. ‘All flesh is equal when burnt’ – do I really need to say more? How about that fuckin’ riff then?

The Mad Capsule Markets – Pulse. So underrated, and the perfect song for when I’m about to be reckless xD

You Me At Six Featuring Oli Sykes (Bring Me The Horizon) – Bite My Tongue. I’ve always found this song incredibly sexy – I believe Ian can confirm this, I went through a phase where I played it on repeat for days on end. Awesome track.

What # we up to…? 6. Okay.

The Birthday Massacre – Blue. Again, another band that feature on the playlist a lot, but this has always been on of my faves, as Chibi shows just how amazing her vocal talents are. Also, the music video is awesome.

Trivium – Like Light to the Flies. Dude, how awesome were ‘old school’ Trivium? Love to listen to this one while Icebreakering on Destiny =D

Bitch Alert – Late Night Lullaby. BA were another completely underrated band, there’s about 10 tracks by them on the playlist, but this one has always been my favourite.

Alkaline Trio – We’ve Had Enough. Cy, this is the one you had me repeat =) like 7 times.

Nine Inch Nails – The Hand that Feeds. Okay, so I was stuck between choosing this one, March of the Pigs, Closer, The Day the World Went Away, and a few others. This won. *shrugs*

Amen – Price of Reality. Dude. Casey Chaos. Need I say more? The original video is frakkin’ amazing too.

Treyarch Sound Featuring Elena Siegman – 115. How awesome were the original zombie maps though? Der Riese – I can still remember the entire layout of that map. Verrückt too, we had so many laughs on that map! I miss Cod zombies.

Plastic Tree – Ghost. Dude. Just…frakk yes, okay? Ryūtarō, take my soul, you beautiful fuck.

American Head Charge – Just So You Know. This used to be one of my favourite songs ever, and just had to include it, as it came on while I was Overwatching last week, and made me fall back in love with it.

And #16. What, you didn’t really think I was gonna make ANY musical list, and not include Placebo, right?

Placebo – One of a Kind. Because come on! It’s Placebo!


I enjoyed listening to all that, pretty much on repeat. Erm…might do more, see how Cy likes these ones =)

If you read this far…you’re crazy.

One thought on “Playlist Chat

  1. What an epic playlist! I haven’t listened to NIN or American Headcharge for such a long time…that really took me back for a moment there, thank you! I’m gonna have to dig some of these bad boys out again 😉 I hate that I had to get old and ‘socially acceptable’…I must remedy that because I never thought I’d end up that way… xxx


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