Overwatch? Overthinking & Support your Support!

New season on Overwatch…

And woah. It is not going well for me. Usually (as in the past 4 seasons) I rank platinum. Until last night. Went through my placement matches (7 of which with my OW bestie, thank you R!), and honestly…I sucked. Like…I think there was 1 redeeming match where I played semi well as Ana (my support main anyway). Otherwise…seriously, I was doing everything wrong. Making stupid mistakes. I mean…I was being (deliberately) distracted…but…I’m usually good under pressure or while being distracted.

So yea. I’ve ended up barely scraping into gold, which sucks. As I need 500+ for my next gold weapon. So Imma be working on getting into platinum, which is gonna be loads of fun -.-

I always have problems when playing comp, as I like to try to understand the current game/season meta. So that I can understand which way the enemy are likely to play, while also being able to use the meta knowledge in my hero picks. ‘Cause honestly, I’d much rather just play the heroes I main (Zarya, Ana, Tracer, Mei, TrashMouse), but those characters aren’t always viable – especially with the rest of the teams picks.

It’s probably why I prefer playing with a friend, as I know they’ll back me (and I them), and that at least 2 members of the team will be working together. As…I’ve found on PSN, there’s very little team communication or synchronicity – which, I think, is 100% needed in Overwatch. It’s not a singleplayer MP experience, you need the other 5 players backing you – healing, tanking, buffing, etc. And no trickling!

Also…each heroes role. For instance, when I play Lucio – I flick between songs, because the speed boost is an awesome help for not just me, but my team. I will regularly leave the action, and head back towards spawn if there’s a tank that I think we need back ASAP. Now…I don’t know if that’s me playing Lucio ‘correctly’, but I find it works for me. I need the tanks up and running, so as to protect me! If you have support mains, protect your support! Mercy’s in trouble? She can’t rez or heal if she dies, so for me it’s obvious to try to take the heat from her, or better yet bubble when I’m Zarya thus gaining charge and then using said charge to help her. So when I play Tracer, I play her as a ‘botherer’. Meaning I try to frakk with the enemy support, thus distracting them from providing healing. I also try to distract the tanks, with small chip damage, in the hopes they’ll try to come and get me – thus removing the tank from protecting the healer(s) or giving my team an in.

I really need to practise with other heroes; Zenyatta, Pharah, Orisa, Rein (I absolutely suck at playing Reinhardt), Mercy (I doubt my rez decisions a lot), Jesse, Winston…I can kind of hold my own with the others, except for Hanzo (Cancer) and Widowmaker -.- but that’s preference, as I feel like those heroes need to stay away from the main action, whereas I prefer to actively take points or push the payload.

Does anyone else have the problem where they overthink every hero pick or action? ‘Cause that’s what I seem to be doing lately. I think it’s because I haven’t played OW in quite awhile, so I’m already doubting how well I’m gonna play, before I even get into the match. And then there’s the distractions. Like…I am loving them, trust me. But my rank? Yea, not so much. Dare I even attempt a match this evening…? xD

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