Soulmate…dry your eyes…

So…this month doesn’t feel as awful as it usually does. Don’t get me wrong, I still despise June. It is not a good month for me…but…it’s been…more bearable than in previous years.

I think that’s down to the fact that I’m kept busy, but also because I have some amazing people around me now. That are there to listen to me ramble, watch movies with me, laugh with me, and just…make my awake time (which can last days at a time) less dark and depressing. I still prefer the oblivion of sleep, especially if I manage to not dream. But all in all…it’s…yea, it’s bearable.

Erm…so yea, I just typed a whole loada stuff…but deleted it, as yea…I dunno if I’m gonna be okay with…revealing shit about myself, so completely. We’ll see.

Instead…let’s discuss Placebo.

I’ve managed to snag tickets to 4 of the UK dates in October, so far. I’m adding more on Friday – I’m a filthy addict, bite me.

This band complete me. Brian Molko is without doubt the most beautiful human being, both inside and out.

As someone with subscriptions, not just issues, some of their music…just speaks to me. Plus…when you’re at a Placebo concert – nothing matters. Who you are, does not matter. You are loved, you are accepted. Whether you’re male, female, or, as Brian would say, other or inbetween. Fuck gender, fuck sexuality, fuck race, fuck religion. Everyone is welcome – except for Trump and the Conservative party. Fuck those guys.

Let’s finish (as I have a date with Destiny) with some music…

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