Warcraft. FML.

Dude, do you ever just wanna play Warcraft, despite not playing in over 3 years…? I went through a phase where I was pulling 8 hour gaming sessions on it, I wasn’t even in a decent guild! We were shit! But…the addiction was real.

Anyway! I was reading some Warcraft fanfiction, because well, why not? Yup. Totally. You’re gonna go read some now, ain’t ya? Message me for recs ;-p anyway! It just got me wanting to play so bad. Like…I miss my little Paladin, she was freakin’ awesome. I miss that gorgeous little BElf. And my Warlock! OhmyChuck, I used to love playing Warlock! I had a pretty badass Druid too, I went full RP with him…dude, I miss Warcraft.

So yea. Anyone actually reading this…? No? Frakker’s…but seriously, anyone wanna join me…? Anyone got a decent guild? Come RP with me, damnit! Actually, I just want more gaming friends in general – for Destiny, CoD, Day Z, Overwatch, WoW, diablo, and about 50 others.

So yea – I’m HerEvilRoyalty on PSN/XBL/Steam and WaywardAF#2152 on battle.net. Add me, giggle with me, let me steal all your loot. =D

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