Raising the Steaks! *cracks herself up*

Some people that are familiar with me and this blog, will know I’ve been a vegetarian for…yikes…erm…about a decade? Until very recently!

Yup. I’m back to eating meat! And holy shit…it’s good! I stopped originally as I hated the textures, And to be honest, the idea of dead flesh (handling and eating) used to freak me out. But I got over that awhile ago, I’ve been cooking meat for quite a long time now. And yea…it’s actually Mika’s (best friend/boyo/soulmate/other words that do no justice to the relationship we have) fault that I’ve back on protein!

So. I’ve been quite ill, and experiencing hellish headaches, for…years. 2 weeks of eating meat? No headaches. No sickness. No lethargy. My insomnia is improving, I have more energy and I just feel…good! So yea, yay that.

Anyways! I had steak for the first time, as in ever, last night! And as it was my first time, I figured let’s go all out. Marinade that badboy, sear it off, the whole 9 yards, as it were.

I made up a really spicy, flame-grilled sort of spice mix. Tons of pepper and let the steak just chill in a bowl for…about 2 hours, I think. I decided to cook it medium-well done, as I don’t really know how I like meat cooked, but I don’t know how I feel about it being bloody…

Anyway. It basically tasted like an amazing burger, but on steroids! Super savoury and just moarish! The texture was a little odd, not quite what I was expecting, but by no means bad. I think I would probably go with medium next time, possibly a little under medium.

I had my steak with tons of English mustard and some onion rings, I can’t wait for the next one 😍😁

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