What Overwatch really needs…


I love playing Overwatch, it’s a fun and unique game. I play on console (PS4), but regularly watch twitch PC players, and wish I’d just gotten it for PC…

So here’s some of the things it needs on console…

You know the callout wheel? I call it the ‘chat without the chat wheel’. What we really need is some new options on that;

  • ‘Thank you, Mei, for blocking our spawn with your ice wall. That really contributed to the team.’
  • ‘Yes. I can both see and hear that you need healing, but as our 3 (yes, 3) tanks have no interest in protecting the squishies, I died. Meaning you can callout ‘Need healing’ as many times as you like, I still have to get from our spawn back to the point, before I can heal you. Thank our Reinhardt that’s trying to kill the Widowmaker.’
  • ‘Thank you Reaper/Genji/Tracer/McRee (remove as applicable) for getting POTG, but putting zero time into defending or pushing the objective. As we know, kills are far more important than supporting your team.’
  • ‘We’re on attack, but Symmetra/Bastion/Torbjörn (remove as applicable) is a truly brilliant hero choice.’
  • ‘It’s okay Ana, you’re supposed to be a healer, but wasting all of your potentially life saving ammo on the Reinhardt shield and missing shots at the Pharah, is really displaying your skills. At not playing the character how she’s intended to be played.’
  • ‘We’re being flanked. Again.’ – We really need this on the ‘chat without chat wheel’, as no one ever talks anyway. Unless it’s to verbally abuse one another, or try to tell others how to play a character, while you yourself have died 19 times and still haven’t managed to heal/defend/kill. At all.
  • ‘Stop trickling!’ – we could argue that the ‘group up’ option is the answer here, but it’s so very rarely used or acknowledged, that it’s essentially useless.
  • ‘Yes guys, 2 Hanzo’s, Widowmaker, and Ana – not healing, is a brilliant idea on attack.’

The Dead Sea is not as salty as me.

This was written as a joke.


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