The Book Hangover

You know when a book is so good, that once you’ve finished it (like 7 times), when you try to read something else – but all that’s in your head is how freaking amazing the last book was. Yea. That.

I love Sarah J. Maas, I am in love with her writing. I’m a huge fan of the Throne Of Glass Throne_of_Glass_UKseries, so last year when I saw she had released a new series – A Court of Thorns and Roses, I bought it. Not really expecting to love it as much as I love ToG. How wrong I was…

Rhysand. Do I really need to say more? What is it with Sarah and her beautiful R-named boys? I’m crying, SJM, crying and laughing and loving. But mainly crying.

The second book in the ACOTAR books released recently. Have I read it 7 times? Yes. Yes I have. I adore it! I love it more than I loved ACOTAR. A Court of Mist and Fury is…it’s just…for me, it’s perfect.


It’s such an add77493_originalictive book, 1 chapter isn’t enough. I can’t just read a few pages, I have to read the entire book. Again and again.

It makes me laugh, makes me cry (I’m an emotionless robot, seemingly, but things I truly love…books, mainly, always evoke some kind of emotional reaction in me), makes me not want but need the next book! Also, we’re gonna do some spoilers (sweetie), you’ve been warned.

Rhys just loves Feyre so much *wailing, crying, dying*. ‘Are you short on food…?’ He noticed her extreme weight loss, he noticed and cared that she couldn’t sleep, he cared that she destroyed herself – and no one except Rhys, noticed or really cared. Rhys worships her, but would never lock her away, never belittle her, make her feel less than he, he wouldn’t just make her into a pretty doll wearing pretty dresses. He empowers her, believes in her, supports her, protects her – but never in a dominating way. He makes Feyre is equal. Rhys is my life, okay?

Amren too. I adore Amren. She’s so…other, and yet she’s accepted and loved in the Night Court. Just like the others in Rhys’ inner circle, the whole band of misfits. I love them all. I need Nesta to embrace her new life, I want her to fight for Feyre – the way Feyre fought for her. I want Nesta and Cassian to be mates, they just…they’re perfect for each other. Not too excited about Lucien and Elain, simply because I hate how Lucien cowered aACOMAF-cover1nd let Tamlin treat Feyre so badly. Lucien has a lot of making up to do, I hope Feyre gets the chance to show him just how amazing her mate is, and how weak, spineless and disgusting Tamlin is. I’ve never liked Tam =/ I never love the supposed “good guy”. Screw the Spring Court, I’d prefer the Hewn City. Well, Velaris ideally, but Hewn City trumps Spring Court any day.

I’ve completely forgot where I was going with this pos

Oh yea.

I need Sarah J. Maas to write another 700+ ACOTAR books, just full of Rhysand, Feyre embracing her powers and Tamlin being tortured by Azriel – a lot.

I’m trying to read other things…but…they’re just not matching up against ACOMAF.

If you haven’t read any of SJM’s books, you seriously need to! Her Throne of Glass series is brilliant, but her ACOTAR books…they’re so perfect.


~ by HerEvilRoyalty on May 17, 2016.

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