Friday’s Forecast: Heavy Rain

Dude, seriously. Heavy Rain. PS4. Friday.

Heavy Rain is the game that firmly cemented in my mind, that I didn’t want to design games, but that I needed to. See…I feel for certain games, the way you feel for your child or your spouse or I dunno, your dog. My games are my…friends. In a sad sort of way. My games don’t leave, my games don’t forget (well, unless you lose your PS2 memory card. Then you just sit and cry inconsolably, then build a raft and restart the game. The raft is for floating, I’m bored of building bridges.), my games are reliable. They’re always gonna be there to make me feel better. Bad day? Go hang with Sora. You don’t feel well, but want to adventure anyway? Tomb Raider, Lara loves to go spelunking, especially when you have a cold. Angry? CoD, Halo, Killzone or Destiny – teabag the planet! And cheekyness in the killcam, always makes you feel better. Trust me, I will out dick you on these games, it’s what I do. Feeling blue? Lego games, doesn’t matter which one. They’re awesome little gaming candy crack – you wanted me to reference Sonic, don’t deny it. Well frakk you. Sonic is for when I feel nostalgic. Spyro is for those times too. Seriously, speeding through tree tops, ’cause you know the level better than you know the layout of your house.

‘Wanna go for a drink?’ No. Firstly, I dislike having to socialise. I’m not anti-social, I’m just anti-bullshit. I will happily socialise…in party chat. That way if you annoy me, I can always mute you. Secondly, just no. Why on earth would I want to go somewhere crowded, noisy, probably cold and expensive, when I could just chill here? Can of Relentless, game on one monitor, Family Guy on the other, and stuffing my face with liquorice. It’s not that I don’t like being around people…it’s that…no. No, I just don’t like being around people. There’s only like…10 (I’m related to 4 of them) people that I’d be cool hanging out with. And even then, I talk to most of you everyday anyway.

We’ve gotten really off topic here. Heavy Rain is out Friday. This means I will probably be too emotional and excited to do anything. At all. Except play this damn game. Seriously, this game is utterly vital to me. I’ve never found another game, that’s really captured my attention and held onto it, the same way Heavy Rain has. I…just love this game. Why can’t Norman Jayden just be real ='( we’d have such fun…taking too much tripto, or maybe just not enough…the tanks are coming…

~ by HerEvilRoyalty on March 2, 2016.

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