Books to read over the festive period: Snow by Ronald Malfi

So, it’s that time of the year again, kids. The Christmas tree is up, the fairy lights are twinkling, there’s glitter everywhere and I have the need to read Christmas books. With a twist. I don’t do romance novels, never have, probably never will. I don’t want a nice festive fairytale romance or any shtako like that. What I love to read at Christmas is horror, maybe some thriller, and I don’t mind a bit of crime either.

Allow me to list some of the books I’ve been reading, and some that I plan to read, over the next few days. Today we’ll begin with…

Snow by Ronald Malfi

This is a title that I actually downloaded as part of my Kindle Unlimited subscription. I can’t even remember how I came across it, but I’m really glad that I did! We start off with Todd, he’s a father desperate to get home to his son at Christmas. Cue an apocalyptic snowstorm! So Todd’s flight gets cancelled, and after buying some random woman a drink (they both have an alcoholic drink, don’t drink and drive – even in literature, ‘kay?), they both end up wanting to drive home – seems sensible. Let’s drive this rental car, through this epic snowstorm, I’m sure nothing bad will happen. As Todd gets set to drive through this stupid blizzard, we also get introduced to another couple of characters. In all honesty, it’s not really worth me going over them too much.

So off our merry band of idiots go, straight into a minor crash as Todd sees some dude randomly standing in the middle of the road. Random dude in the road is a freak, but we welcome him aboard anyway. Long and short of it is, random dude is crazy – no, never! Look, they arrive at this ghost-like town. Human entrails, fire, naked crazy woman eating said entrails, and our plucky newest character, Shawna, and the bad guy in all of this is…the snow. I shtako you not. The snow is the monster, imagine that. Well, you won’t have to imagine it if you read the book. So that was kinda dumb. Anyway. The snow sort of forms into these wispy things that have scythes for arms – scythes that they stab into the backs of any human not running away, thus turning the human into their puppet. The snow-stuff eventually digs itself into the host and then the snow-stuff can feed. You guessed it, on our plucky, if idiotic, heroes.

I wasn’t overly keen on Todd’s backstory, as I just didn’t find myself caring all that much – I much preferred Shawna and her backstory – but Todd is supposed to be the main character, so on I shall plough. I also didn’t like his flirtation with Kate. This is something that always annoys me, actually, in both literature and films/TV. Your life is in major peril, but I’ll make time to: flirt, kiss, have sex, have main character ponder internally on whether other character likes he/she or not. I’m sorry, but if my life is in danger – if there’s frakkin’ snow monsters after me – I ain’t gonna be flirting, kissing or even noticing whether or not my companions are male or female. I don’t care how attractive they may or may not be, this is a case of life or death, damnit. You ain’t got time for this shtako! The only thing I’d be noticing about my companions would be: can they shoot straight? If I shoot him/her in the leg, will they provide enough of a distraction, for me to get away? How much ammo/weapons are they carrying, and can I make use of them? Otherwise? Shut up and run.

The ending was…it was what you’d expect, really. There could be a sequel, which could be quite good, if we have a character that isn’t Todd…=/ I just didn’t like him. He was annoying. I warmed to Kate, eventually…but Todd just irritated me. And…what were the snow monster thingys? I liked the snow thingys, gimme some back-story on them.

It’s very Evil Dead, and it also reminded me of 30 Days of Night, slightly. I’ve found it quite funny – although I’m not sure if it’s intended to be found amusing. This is a shtako review, it’s actually a really good book. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading it, it is a bit silly, but there’s some nice gory descriptions in there, so that’s win for me. It’s an interesting book, that’s great with some chocolate covered raisins and a nice beverage of your choosing.



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One Response to “Books to read over the festive period: Snow by Ronald Malfi”

  1. Hey,sounds like your books are interesting and look out for those snow monsters, especially those creepy branches that want to grab you. Merry Christmas!

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