Nail it!

So I’ve recently started doing acrylic nails, just as a hobby type thing. And that has led to me becoming slightly adphoto 2dicted to painting my own nails, and generally just experimenting with different colours, gems, etc. Which has then led to me discovering Zoya Nail Polish, which is beautiful to apply, and the end result is gorgeous.

The polish is part of Zoya’s PixieDust collection, the exact name of the one I used is ‘Imogen’.

I love black nail polish, always have done. But I also love glitter, and all things sparkly. Which is why this polish is so perfect for me! Sure, I could just use a cheap black polish, and pop over a coat of cheap glitter…but the cheaper polishes really are rubbish =/ they’re not fluid going on, they take forever to dry, and you need at least 3 coats of the black. I’m not going to namphoto 3 (2)e names on which brand of the black polish I’ve used in the past. But it begins with A and ends with N. It was cheap, and I figured ‘meh’. Of course, in the past month I’ve discovered Filthy Gorgeous, Zoya, OPI, Barry M, Essie, Stargazer, Deborah Lippman, Nails Inc., BlueSky, Butter…there’s so many more. Yes, they are expensive, but the colours, the effects, even the application of the polish is amazing.

The images to either side are Imogen by Zoya, accophoto 1 (2)mpanied by a pink glitter – that I’ve bought (a glitter palette with 24 colours) and just decided to apply over the black. I like experimenting, and I love pink and black together.

Basically, I painted my nails and my mam’s nails with Imogen – 2 coats. I then tipped my mam’s nails with Barry M clear coat, and dabbed the glitter onto the wet area. After flattening the glitter down, I popped another coat of Barry M over the entire nail, and left to dry. Voila, funky looking nails. With my nails, I just dabbed clear coat over various parts of my nails, then dabbed 3 different shades of pink glitter over the wet areas, clear coat over the whole nail, and more funky nails! My mam has 1 nail on each finger – the index – coated with a pink to white chameleon gel polish, so that nail did have to be cured under a UV lamp. I then did exactly the same thing with regards to the clear coat, but used black glitter instead. I think it gives quite a nice contrast.

I’m just learning, and am really enjoying practising with building acrylic nails, and then decorating them. Critique and advice are more than welcome.

My nails are my own, my mam’s nails are acrylic, done by me.

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