Frustration Personified AKA Dark Souls Playthrough #1

headerBefore anyone starts, I love this game, I think it’s a brilliant game. I am in no way saying it is not a good game. Because it’s an awesome game. My current problem? Stupid mistakes.

I’ve played Demon’s Souls, which does not automatically mean I’m awesome at Dark Souls. FML. It means I already have a basic grasp of how the game works. Having said that, for some reason I seem to be experiencing a disconnect from my brain to my hands. I’ve died 7 times in the past hour through sheer stupidity. Every single death tonight has been me falling off of something – at one point I had 4300+ souls, fell off the side of a bridge, came back to reclaim and fell off the exact same spot, before managing to reclaim -.- it’s getting beyond ridiculous now.

I’ve just done exactly the same thing, yet again -.-

I really do love how difficult this game is. It’s a challenge, it makes you work for your victory. Not that I’m having many victories tonight, but nevermind.

It bugs me when people write off a game (or a film, book, etc.) based on difficulty – the WOOL book series is difficult to get into, but once you do…it’s astounding. This game is the same, it’s not going to be a walk in the park. But I’d find walks in parks extremely dull…unless I was being chased by a massive horde of zombies. DS is awesome, and it’s not actually the game that’s frustrating me, it’s me that’s frustrating me…there was so many ‘me’s’ there…but you get the point.

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