Allison Hewitt Is Trapped

Allison Hewitt is Trapped by Madeleine Roux.

Finished this book a few days ago, and decided that I enjoyed it so much, that I just had to ramble about it.

What I loved most aAllison-Hewitt-UKbout this book was the concept of the chapters being blog entries – and the comments left for the blogger. I loved the odd comment where the person updated Allison on what was happening in other parts of the world, I liked how the zombie apocalypse was so wide spread and devastating.

Some aspects bothered me – the brutality exhibited, over a rather trivial ‘crime’. I mean, yea…the world has pretty much ended, but all that separates the humans from the undead is morality. Which, even though I thought some parts were overkill, I still understood why Madeleine included…society collapses and it really does become kill or be killed – with humans being at the top of the dangerous list. The undead are mindless killers, but the humans? They know full well what they’re doing, which is what (come the real zombie apocalypse) will be the one thing to scare me. The lengths people will go, the depths they will sink to just to survive. To out survive other survivors.

The ending was rather…brilliant, for me anyway. I won’t spoil it, but yea…I think the ending was fitting. Allison wasn’t a Saint, she was just a survivor – doing things she had to…and some that she really didn’t absolutely have to do.

I liked the character of Allison, I liked that she loved books, was rather addicted to her blog – even during the zombie apocalypse (I related to her lol), and that she wasn’t too afraid of being the one to go on scavenger runs or exploring new territories. I wasn’t overly fond of many other characters…I quite liked Renny – purely because, in my mind, she was just a more bubbly/attitude laden version of Michonne (The Walking Dead), without the sword.

I read/have read many zombie novels/comics/graphic novels/etcetera etcetera – from The Walking Dead to the Newsflesh series to World War Z to Is This a Zombie? to The Girl With All The Gifts…look, I’ve read tons, okay? And this is a very favourable one. I’d highly recommend this book to any zombie fan, and even just to someone looking for something decent to read. It’s got an enjoyable plot, it’s well paced, good character development and there’s some great gore laden descriptions midway and towards the end.

I have the 2nd book in the ‘Zombies’ series, called ‘Sadie Walker is Stranded’, I’m rather looking forward to starting it. I hope the setup is sort of the same, and that Sadie will be as likeable, while also remaining rather flawed.

~ by HerEvilRoyalty on July 20, 2014.

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