The Sims [PS]3[60]

The Sims 3 released on XBox360 & PS3, on Friday 29th 2010 (UK).

When I think of The Sims, I automatically think PC game. This isn’t the first console outing for The Sims, however. The PS2, XBox, Gamecube & DS have all played host to the Sims in the past. So The Sims being brought to the current generation of consoles shouldn’t come as a big surprise.

The console version of the game, is pretty much a clone of the PC version – with a few added features. You have access to ‘karma powers’, you gain karma at the end of each day, along with collecting small amounts each time you complete your Sims wish (going to work, learning a skill, etc.). The karma powers make the game slightly more interesting, you have good & evil karma powers. So if you’re having problems keeping your Sim happy, you can use a good karma power to max out their moodlets. If you want to create mischief, use the evil earthquake karma power.

The main problems I found with the console version of the Sims is the loading times, time delays – for instance: you instruct your Sim to make something to eat, the Sim stands in-front of the fridge for a good 3-8 seconds doing nothing, although not a major issue, it can be quite tedious. The controller, as someone who has played The Sims for quite a few years, I’m very used to the keyboard & mouse control scheme. Also, the moodlet panel (in my opinion) takes up too much of the screen.

The good aspects of the game are the level of creativity available to you. You can edit the patterns/colours of all items in the Sims world. So, if you have an ideal style in mind (oriental, for instance), you can change the patterns of the furniture to suit your ideas.

Overall this is a good outing on the console, for the Sims. My main issue with the game is, after playing the console version – I found that I just wanted to play the PC version instead.

I played ‘The Sims 3′ on XBox360 for approximately 4 hours, I’ve gained 300/1000 Gamerscore.

Rating: 3/5


This was written for a website that I was a reviewer/writer for, said website no longer exists…and yea, now this BS is here.

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