Organs have functions, they do not have feelings.

People never cease to annoy me. I don’t call myself Artemis Alecto for giggles. There really is an unceasing anger here. Possibly with a bow and arrow.

I really hate it when people do that, ‘I love such and such with all my heart.’ Why your heart? Have you seen what the human heart actually looks like…?real_human_heart_surgery

In what way is that even remotely pleasant? It’s ugly as cuss. If that’s what you offer someone when you’re in love, I’m thankful that I can’t do relationships. How can an organ love someone? Organs have functions, they do not have emotions or feelings. The heart is an extremely ugly muscle, that pumps blood around the body. Fair dos to the heart, it’s pretty vital. But it’s still just an ugly muscle.

Now the brain…ah, the brain. I would possibly consider loving someone with small parts of my brain. Not the entirety of it, I’m far too selfish for that. Love is a chemical reaction, right? So why the Hell do people keep dragging their ugly muscles into it?

I’m not hateful of love or people being in love, I just think you should not whine at me to get a significant other. I’m not ‘wasting my life’ by not wanting to be around someone. I get bored easily, and hate having to make an effort with people…just…go sit in the corner until I find a use for you. Not that corner, the furthest one. I don’t want to have to look at you or hear you. I wasn’t really designed for love, marriage or children. That doesn’t make me sad, it’s not an issue for me. I don’t tell you to stop telling me all about how shit your husband is or how you have no time for anything because the parasite (it’s living within a host, and feeding off of it, it’s a cussing parasite, okay?) inside of you makes you tired. Lose my contact details.

What you’re feeling is a chemical reaction, and even then it’s not necessarily ‘being in love’. It’s just the chemicals making you feel good, it won’t last. You’re welcome.




I got the pictures from the Interwebs, cheers Google.


~ by HerEvilRoyalty on July 12, 2014.

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