MK9 Review

Mooortal Kombaaat! Du du du, duh duh duh, du du du…*raves*

Mortal Kombat, the 9th offering from NetherRealm Studios (formerly WB Games), is gore-laden, fatalicious, kombo-tastic goodness…sort of. Let’s break down the various game modes…

Story mode – this mode is both genius, and rage inducing in equal measures. Split up into chapters (which are usually about 3 fights long, with cut-scenes interspersed), in each new chapter you play as a different character from the MK universe. The idea of this – making you play as each of the characters – is a good idea. Normally, I’d just select Mileena or perhaps Cyrax, as they’re my favoured characters, and solely play as those two. However, since being forced to play as different characters, I’ve found that Smoke, and Kabal are my new favourites. So the alternating characters is a good idea, in that respect, variety is the spice of life…supposedly. Plus, you get to see the different rivalries each character has with the other characters. The downside is having to remember each fighters different combos or special moves – which isn’t too difficult, but slightly annoying. I found myself having to pause and checkout the move list, very often. Also, the story mode is epically long…and not in the ‘oh good, I’m so glad this isn’t over yet’, it’s the drawn out, sucking the very life out of you kind =/

The Challenge Tower – there are 300 challenges in total. Some challenges require you to perform a specific fatality, beat an opponent in a required time, damage a certain body part, etc. There’s plenty of different types of challenges, each rewarding you with ‘Kombat Koins’ – MK currency, I’ll explain where these ‘koins’ can be used, in just a moment. If a challenge is too…challenging, you can skip it, for a price. Again, you don’t get to choose your character in this mode, you perform the challenges with a designated character. It’s a fun mode, but again, very lengthy, which I’m sure some people will see as a truly great thing.

There’s also smaller challenge type towers, test your might/sight/strike. Mini games, basically. Honestly, I found them rather frustrating, and tedious =/the might, and strike ones – you button bash, then have to hit the trigger buttons, to smash a material or break a specific item. The sight tests – a ball is hidden under a shrunken head, you have to follow that specific head, amongst various others (number of heads increase, as you get higher up the tower). then you have to locate the head with the ball under it. At first, it’s kind of cool…then it gets to the point where I scream ‘keep your bloody ball! I don’t even care!’.

Arcade and Tag Ladder – 10 levels, choose your favourite fighter(s), and destroy your opponents! Finish HIM! Ahem…tag ladder is rather good (Cyrax & Sektor FTW), as you can perform tag combos, and bag your 5gamerscore, win. On these ladders, you choose your difficulty – I stuck with beginner, easy and medium – the harder difficulties were truly painful for me. I’m a lover, not a fighter! Just the fact that I can choose my own character, pleased me to no end.

Online – I got annihilated. How are these people so damn good? I can barely even manage to punch their character…and in 10 seconds flat, my character has been cut in half or turned into a small child (yea, you read that right, babality…baby!). I need to fight someone online, who will basically just let me win…as my experience left me shouting at my character for being useless – it was Mileena’s fault, not mine! I think online could be great fun, if you all just put your controllers down, and let me wail on you.

The Krypt – the place where the ‘kollectables’ live. I love this area. Here is where you get to spend your hard earned ‘koins’, however you don’t know what you’re buying…you could get artwork (which is rather delightful), new outfits, new fatalities, music…it’s a surprise laden Krypt! However, you’re gonna need a hell of a lot of ‘koins’, to unlock everything in the Krypt…it’s bloody huge. The different animations are brilliant, if slightly disturbing, to watch…bodies being eaten by piranhas, bodies being torn apart, exploded…it’s all good, just rather gory.

The fighting and damage visuals are very satisfying, punching Johnny Cage in his stupid face, then getting to see his swollen black eye, makes one grin. And there’s a whole lot of damage to be viewed – clothes get torn, cyborgs get ripped open, flesh gets eviscerated…lovely stuff! However, the combat, at least to me…just seems…kind of clunky. I think the problem here is, I’m comparing it to MvC3 – which totally suited me, as it was super fast, over the top action – whereas MK just doesn’t feel quite as fast or as responsive, for my liking.

Easily my favourite feature of this game, is the X-Ray moves – each character has a unique X-Ray move. Once your super gauge (filled by attacking, being hit) has filled all 3 sections, you have access to your X-Ray special move. Here the screen switches to black and white, and the hits that your character dishes out, are shown on your characters skeleton – basically, a visual of how this move would really affect your victim – it’s pretty awesome to watch. Sub-Zero reaching into Mileena’s body, freezing her spleen (I think it’s the spleen…spleen crushing sounds vaguely gruesome/cool, in anyways), then crushing it – is a personal favourite of mine. X-Ray moves make this game great.

While I personally find some aspects of the game to be too long, and drawn out – this is still a very fun game to play. I will say though, do the female characters really need boobs that big!? Good grief…catering to the 14 to…well,  just the14+ year old boys, much? And scantily clad? Any less, and they’re be fighting naked. Doesn’t really bother me, it just makes me laugh. Silly NetherRealm, a game doesn’t need giant boobs, and pretty much naked women, to make it good. That aside, if you’re looking for a blood laden fighter, this is absolutely worth a rent, a buy even – if you’re a fan of the franchise. There’s a brilliant selection of characters, it’s just slightly annoying that you have to play online or on the arcade ladder, to choose your own fighter.


Mortal Kombat combos itself a 7/10. FINISH IT!


This was written for a website that I was a reviewer/writer for, said website no longer exists…and yea, now this BS is here.

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