Things I learnt from an evening of Halo…

It will come to no surprise to anyone that has me on their XBL friends list, that I play a lot of Halo. So yea. I played for awhile last night, and learnt a few things…


Never play hide and seek with a Banshee. I had a good run, but the player eventually crashed the Banshee into the ground, just to kill me.

Deadpool is someone you want on your team. Trust me on this.

While playing SWAT on Complex, stalk your opponent, then assassinate them. And either giggle or do a victory jig. Over their corpse.

Consequently, don’t spend too long with the victory jig, as the assassinated dude comes back to kill you.
Don’t reverse into your teammate – I had this done to me 3 times last night.

Don’t chase the teammate that took the sniper rifle, waiting for them to die, so you can reclaim the rifle – they get suspicious and move a lot. Instead, keep tabs on the service tag, once we have X, then go reclaim the gun that I designate as rightfully mine.

This is to male players that were opponents last night – don’t use the word ‘lesbian’ as an insult, when I beat you. No matter what my sexuality is, it has frakk all to do with the fact that you’re a crap player.

Don’t underestimate lower SR rank players. I’m SR94, and an SR10 was 90% better than me. A number doesn’t mean anything – other than the fact I play a lot.

Don’t enter a game, then go AFK/AFC – ’cause during SWAT, I’m then obliged to protect your dumbass Spartan. We did however win, but still. Just back out of the lobby/game -.-

Don’t ‘nade tag your teammate, in the hopes of them killing the enemy. It generally just leads to them firing unfriendly at you.

Don’t spawn camp the Banshee on Vortex – I’m perched on the rocks to the right, killing you every time you come back to the spot.

If you’re out of ammo, don’t run at the opponent, hoping it will confuse them. They just shoot you, then melee you once you’re close enough. *does this ALL the time*

*nods* that’s all for now, kids. Tune in next time, for more Halo dos and don’ts, with your Steampunk Spartan, HerEvilRoyalty =p

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