kik tumblr in the head, a lot

IMG_1126So…turns out some d-bag posted my “kik” username on tumblr – proclaiming I’m a slut, horny and want men or women to message me to trade pics – WTF? -.- Yea, that totally sounds like me. The person that can barely abide talking to anyone, but herself. So…I’ve had fun, with all the random BS messages, and general sexual abuse. I tried asking tumblr for help, to take the stupid post down, as I’ve been getting messages – incessantly – since 1pm. I’ve only been using the stupid kik thing for 2 days. Only 4 people know my username (though it doesn’t take a genius to guess it, but still). I know 2 of these people wouldn’t give my deets out – as one of those 2, is me. The other is currently logged in as me, freaking the really disgusting perverts out. I adore my Finnish counterpart. So he gets to deal with all the dodgy penis photos – who the frakk does that? Take pictures of their bits? Seriously? What the frakk is your mental defect? Get a grip (frakk, not like that, yea?), go out, get a life or you know…walk in front of a bus – something productive to humanity.

Picture says 62, it’s seemingly up to 70 now. In the space of 10 minutes – I played some Halo, okay – so yea. tumblr are pish, kik is full of perverts and weirdos. But! x360a is awesome. As is Halo. Finally managed my 5 air-assassinations. I just need the ‘didn’t see it comin” achievement, to complete the Majestic DLC achievements. And seriously…how impossibly awkward is this achievement? I thought the air assassinations were gonna be really difficult – they’re incredibly easy, and you can do all 5 in one match easy – Skyline =) but yea…people need to be zoomed in, so I can stab them.

How awesome is Far Cry 3? Seriously. Was not expecting that! It’s so deliciously creepy in parts – the old woman, and the airplane? Loving it.

Anyway, I just felt like whining about kik, and tumblr both being utter pish. And people are creepy, this is why I don’t socialize. Or talk.

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