Hollywood Undead – We Are

Okay, so I really love Hollywood Undead – which is something that never fails to confuse my close friends. I’m generally not a fan of ‘rap’ music…but really, if I like how something sounds – I’ll listen to pretty much anything. And I happen to think that Hollywood Undead sound awesome – Johnny 3 Tears, just yes. J3T is so far beyond sexy. Seriously, that voice…woah…actually, just the whole band are downright sexy sounding. But J3T & J-Dog have sexiness+5, obviously.

Back to the music. Yea, they have some daft songs – the ‘party’ style songs, but even then, I still love those tracks too. Plus their more serious tracks…Glory, come on…that song is immense.

So yea. I love Hollywood Undead, and I cannot wait for Notes from the Underground. If you haven’t given this awesome band a chance, then give their newest track ‘We Are’ a listen…

Hollywood Undead – We Are.

Come on…it’s catchy as Hell. Loving the new masks too ^_^ I love J3T waaaaaay too much…


~ by HerEvilRoyalty on January 4, 2013.

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