‘Happy New Year!’ – Go Fuck Yourself.

I cannot stand New Year’s Eve. I genuinely do not see the fun in celebrating the end of the year, or ushering in the next. This year has sucked, just like most of the years before it. What’s the point in celebrating it, when the people you would want to celebrate it with, aren’t here? I view NYE & NY as the thing that marks another year of my existence. I’ve survived yet another year, I don’t see that as a great achievement, or something to get drunk over. I’m actually a very bitter, cynical creature. I watch the firework displays on the news, and all I see are £££’s going up in smoke. I wouldn’t mind, but has everyone forgotten about the state of our economy? ‘Oh, it’s just one night, let yer hair down!’ – yea, let your hair down, get so drunk that you pass out in the gutter, then probably get mugged – and then what are you going to do? Oh yea, fucking complain. I don’t understand the whole need for so much alcohol around Christmas & NY time. Are our lives so dismal that we have to self-medicate through alcohol, just to help us black out, and make all the bad stuff go away? It’s not like it’s even ‘social drinking’, it’s pure binge drinking. You know all that money you’ve blown on helping you get to the top of the liver transplant list, or all the money wasted on fireworks, and all that other bullshit? All of that wasted money could have went towards helping people in need – our homeless, the worlds homeless, children (and adults) in danger, poverty stricken countries. All you ever see on the TV are adverts asking for financial help, to make other people’s lives better, in some cases to just make their lives worth living. So when I see people staggering home, not knowing that century it is, let alone the year, or all those extravagant firework displays – I view it all as self-indulgent bullshit. You can’t donate or help anyone out, not because you don’t have the means to, but because if you had to help out others – well, where would your booze fund come from? At least we all know where the worlds priorities are.

~ by HerEvilRoyalty on January 1, 2013.

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