So I’m writing here, because LJ is down. And I really wanted to have a bit of a ramble. Obviously, I’m not going to write the stuff that I’d write over on elljay, because I’d either get locked up or stalked 😉 now you’re wondering what I usually write over there, aren’t cha? =p

The definition of irony – I write 31 days 31 gifts entries, maybe get 300 views. I write that I’m quitting, 600+ views. Thanks guy, thanks.

I’m actually gonna overhaul my elljay – change up my background again…change the FO images. And my top header too…I’m watching far too much BBC Sherlock at the moment, so obviously I’m gonna rock the 221b look. On here too, actually. Killed the Christmas-sy theme. Like I said, just not feeling it.

Christmas isn’t really about family anymore, it’s all about buying shit for people, that already have way too much shit anyway. Am I getting cynical in my old age? Hells yea I am. Have you seen the price of junk? Christ almighty. I wanna buy a game, not take out a £10,000 loan, thanks. I say we all just buy ourselves shit, and if it makes you feel better – give it to someone else, to give back to you. Sorted. Me? I’ll buy my own shit, and sign it from myself, cheers. Me, and myself always buy us amazing presents.

Louden Swain make me very happy.

Played CoD with the lads earlier. Ah…that game…well, it sucks. And it makes you want to snap the disc, then slit your own throat with said disc…but it’s a bit of a giggle…maybe. Not often. =/ but my guns all look fabulous. Lovely camo, nice clan tag on them, hilarious loadout names, what more could one want? Other than a different game, I mean.

Critical Distance by maybeshewill is without doubt the most incredible thing to happen to music, since the creation of music.

My friend sent me this picture she drew for me, it’s to cheer me up. It cheered me up loads, as well as making me blush loads…who knew she was so horrifically perverted? =p love you, K!

Will I post the picture? lol no. Why? Because this is my blog, not a porn website. If this was a porn website, it would have the best porn. Ever. Why? Because it would be portable porn…ah…old in-joke. I miss some people.

What was I on about…? I do this thing on elljay, where I leave the entry window open for hours on end – popping back every now and then, writing some random rubbish, then leaving again. So yea…this is what’s currently happening. I miss my elljay.

Corey Taylor’s voice blows my mind. He is so perfect.

Benedict Cumberbatch’s face makes me so happy. Actually, just the entirety of Benedict Cumberbatch makes me so happy. I so would. Many times.

Ian’s visiting tomorrow! Which reminds me, I should probably wrap his presents.

I could murder a cuppa. If I shout loud enough, ‘my word! I’m parched! Get thee to the kitchenette immediately!’ will anyone get me a cuppa…? I’m looking at you here, Ian.

Doctor Who or Sherlock…? Hmm…tough decision. Even tougher if I add Supernatural into the mix…I’ll just have to sit here, and either watch all 3 or watch nothing. Or Family Guy. Meh…South Park…? Slutty the Vampire Layer…? I tossed a dice, Sherlock won. Ah…just look at those cheekbones.

Oh yea! I saw The Hobbit tuther day! It’s lush! =D Martin Freeman is adorable ^_^ I’m still of the ‘1 book doesn’t need 3 films’ opinion, but nevermind. I will no doubt wish to see it multiple times. The Hobbit is actually my favourite book by Tolkien =)

I’ve been trying to get myself into the Christmas spirit. Started reading A Christmas Carol (which I read a few times every Christmas time), but I just wasn’t enjoying it…even though it’s one of my favourite things, ever, to read. So yea…I’m sticking with Dickens, so I’m reading Bleak House. Will it give me some Christmas spirit…? Doubtful, very doubtful…but I remain optimistic. Just not very optimistic.

I wanna smack Sally Donovan everytime she calls Sherlock ‘the freak’. She’s such a bitch. ‘How can people keep themselves safe?’ ‘…well don’t commit suicide…’ xD I love Greg, I really do.

Have I mentioned yet that I really miss elljay…? I’m used to typing anything I want there. Ah…the illusion of almost privacy. I’m gonna call it quits, it’s boring writing, when I can’t hop about my friends page – I’m infamously nosey, who knew? *shrugs*

~ by HerEvilRoyalty on December 18, 2012.

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