31 days, 31 gifts// Entwine.

On the 8th of December the ESC_Verse provides for you…5 reasons to love the Finnish band, Entwine.

I really love this band, they’re incredible. Beautiful music, and their’s actual singing in it =O yes, I am finally posting something non-instrumental. Don’t worry, I won’t make a habit of it.

Nothing Left To Say – Entwine. My friend, Mikko, got me into this band a fair few years ago now. We both love this song, because we’ve both been screwed over by exes – which is possibly why we’re both so emotionally disconnected now. Who knows *shrugs*. It’s a brilliant song, meaning to us aside. You ruin it with all yours lies.

Thru the Darkness – Entwine. I’m sorry, but anyone who isn’t hooked on this song, is obviously insane. The opening…come on, it’s brilliant. And the lyrics…this song is amazing, I don’t care what anyone says. Haters need to get their hearing tested, that’s all I’m gonna say! I have never felt inside, so alone in my life…

Time of Despair – Entwine. I really love this song. It’s so…melancholy, and lonely. Actually writing about this band, and their songs…is making me not want to share what each song means to me =/ it feels kind of private…so yea. Just listen to the music, and if you like it – great, if you don’t – then that’s fair enough too.

Beautifully Confined – Entwine. One of their newer tracks, I just think the chorus is lovely, and very catchy. Mika’s voice is especially beautiful on this track. My divine is sleeping pills and my delusions…strangers we are…but still the same as we’d be in love…

Everything For You – Entwine. Everything For You – Entwine. I think this is possibly my favourite Entwine song…the lyrics, and overall mood of the song, are just so beautiful. Mika sounds so genuine, so desperate as he sings, ‘I’m lost inside…

Entwine are currently: Mika Taurianen – vocals. Janni Kähkönen – guitar. Tim Mikkola – guitar. Aksu Hanttu – Drums. Joni Miettinen – Bass.

How many lives do I have to live
Without your touch on my skin
How many tears I have to cry
Without you here by my side…

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