31 days, 31 gifts// Matt Smith


On the 3rd day of December, The ESC_Verse presents to you…Matt Smith!

MattSmithI’m a huge Doctor Who fan, and of course a huge David Tennant fan – I love Ten (though, who doesn’t?) – so I was slightly =/ during Matt’s first Who episode. I have to say, I really didn’t like him, at first. I missed the hi-tops, and the pinstripes. Now…? Total bow-tie girl 😉 also, this isn’t one of those in-depth looks into Matt’s career, it’s basically me rambling about how sexy he is. Enjoy.

Matt Smith really is just delightful. During his first few Who episodes, I couldn’t shake the feeling MattSmith_SecretDiaryOfACallGirl_10that I knew his face from somewhere. Secret Diary of a Call Girl, and Ruby In The Smoke…both oddly enough starring Billie ‘Rose Tyler’ Piper. Odd, indeed. So yea, he’s been in a few other things too. But really, we don’t care, we just recognise (and adore) him as Eleven. Oh look, he’s deliciously topless again. Ah Matt…you should always be naked. Always!

He is a slightly…strange looking gentleman, but there is something…well, just incredibly sexy about him. Plus, he plays the Doctor so well, he’s definitely ‘teh sex doctor’ =p but seriously, he really is an extremely attractive man. I’m so happy that he’s seemingly going to continue his role as Eleven, until at least 2014 =) and beyond, if we (the slightly obsessive fans) get our way.

thehairI can’t really mention Matt Smith without mentioning the hair, can I? My word…there’s so much of it! And it looks so silky, and soft…sorry, damn my imagination. Just look at it though! The image is actually from one of my favourite Eleven episodes, ‘The Lodger’ – I have a slight crush on James Corden lol, he’s just so adorable looking! – and yea…Matt Smith with that hair, and no shirt…ovaries everywhere exploded. Twice.

So yea, if you don’t adore this gorgeous man, and worship his portrayal of the Doctor, then you’re obviously insane. Or a Dalek.

Roll on the Christmas special! 


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