31 days, 31 gifts// Enter Shikari!


‘I just fell from the mothership…’

On the 1st of December, The ESC_Verse presents to you…Enter Shikari!

Who are those delicious human beings, I hear you cry. Allow me to introduce to you, for your audio pleasure, the truly phenomenal English band, Enter Shikari.

You know, I think this years ’31 days, 31 gifts’ is going to contain a lot more of me rambling. Yup, sucks to be anyone reading this. Enter Shikari are amazing. Screw all the ‘chav rock’ bs. Their music is awesome, so why do we need to cry (read: bitch & moan) about placing bands/everything into genres? I put ES into the ‘eargasm’ genre, ‘kay? Good.

Enter Shikari – Destablise. I freaking love this track, plus Rou doing that little jumpy dance…yea. You just would.

You know, I first heard of ES on the UK music channel ‘Scuzz’. And honestly, I didn’t like them, at first anyway. Why? Because I was being close minded, and doing that ‘ew, chav rock’ bs. Why? Because I was young, and obviously stupid. Now? If it sounds good, I couldn’t give a flying duck (see what I did there?) what genre a band has been sorted into.

Enter Shikari – Mothership. One of the most underrated, but truly amazing songs, by any damn band. It’s actually a rather complicated song – there’s a lot going on. Frantic electronics, aggressive screams/growling, (I hear the ‘your answers…’ as pleading) ‘clean’ vocals, some gorgeous drumming on this track too actually, the guitar is sort of a minor player for me – as I sort of filter out everything but the electronics, and the lyrics. But yea…it’s the kind of song that you can’t just sit and listen to, you need to be surrounded by people (like in the below video!) – all dark clothes, sweating, and just moving. Not dancing necessarily, just movement. To just feel the electronics, and for your body to take over, and just move. It’s all very primal. Basically, this song is sex.

Enter Shikari – Gandhi mate, Gandhi. Music should have meaning. Sure, it should sound good, be catchy, and radio friendly – so that no talent, overpaid twats can make the rich richer. This song isn’t all that radio friendly…and I love it. Also – the energy, and camaraderie, that this band has…is just infectious.

Enter Shikari – Johnny Sniper. Aw…look how adorable & young they all look! Also, my favourite song to play Halo too =)


Are Enter Shikari a political band? No, I don’t think so. Do they have interesting views, and views that I share? Yes. Very much so. Are some of those views present in some of their music? Yes, I believe so. Does it really make a difference to how much I love them? No. Should you give them a listen, a decent chance, before writing them off as a rubbish band? Damn straight, you should. This band gets nowhere near the amount of recognition that it deserves. You’ve got utter shit in the charts, daft bints whining about a break up or something equally as dull – and a truly talented band, like ES, barely even enter the charts. How is that even acceptable? -.- This Christmas, listen to Enter Shikari, buy their albums, go see them live. Support a band, actually worth supporting.


Enter Shikari are: Rob Rolfe – drums, backing vocals. Chris Batten – bass guitar, backing vocals. Roughton ‘Rou’ Reynolds – electronics/programming, vocals, lyrics, keyboard. Liam ‘Rory’ Clewlow – guitar, backing vocals.

Enter Shikari – Pack of Thieves

‘Don’t be fooled into thinking that a small group of friends, can’t change the world…
That’s the only thing that ever has, the only thing that ever has.’

And this is just because I find it so cute –

Enter Shikari doing a cover…well, just listen to it 😉

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