Sar’s ShOcktober// Winchester Wednesday!

‘The whole thing remains mysterious…what are you doing to my foot…?’

Day 31. [Un]Happy Halloween, my little pumpkins. It’s Wednesday the 31st of October 2012. Or as I like to call it, ‘Winchester Wednesday’. That’s right, it just wouldn’t have been ‘Sar’s ShOcktober’ if Supernatural wasn’t mentioned.

You know, I could write giant essays about why I love Supernatural so much…or I could provide you with videos and pictures. Read me fangirling or drool over Misha Collins…? Tough choice.

Supernatural has been my favourite obsession since September of 2005. It’s been a long, often hard road for my favourite hunters. And while it is Halloween, and things should really be scary…Halloween is (now, thanks to we all know who) about fun, silliness…and thankfully, the Supernatural cast are more than happy to provide us with a fair few giggles…amidst all those damn feels.

S6 Gag reel. Why? Because I find it hil-arious. And Misha…ah…I love him. And Sebastian! =O I get to see him, in the flesh, in less than 16 days! =D =D =D

Aw…look at the 4 of them…so adorable ^_^

This show has spawned a rather huge fandom, the SPNFamily. Why? ‘Cause family don’t end with blood. Idjit. Supernatural isn’t just a TV show…it sounds kinda sad, but it’s…part of your life, really. You obsessively watch SPN, and then obsessively watch anything that the actors have been in…and then you start attending conventions (London A9, I will be in you very soon), and you meet other insanely obsessed fans…then you start discussing the show with them…then you start writing sort of canon fanfiction, which eventually leads to AU fanfiction…in which Sam & Dean hug lots, Dean admits his true feelings to Castiel, Gabriel magically appears with Balthazar. Bobby calls everyone idjits…and yea. I mean…

Oh look! A wild Jensen! *perfect cover-up right there*

Whumped!Cas ❤

Ah…the Moose! ❤

So yea. I am a Supernatural fan, slightly (read: very) obsessed with it, actually. I’m an Ackleaholic, a moosekateer, Minion, Legionnaire, Crowlite, Singer Salvage employee…whatever we’re all calling ourselves these days. I love Supernatural. And it’s Halloween. Which means everyone should watch it. Also, S8 continues to air tonight in the US. I will, of course, be flying over there shortly to watch it with my American friends…<– A8 joke =p

 So yea. The end.

Happy Halloween! – eat so much sugary stuff you pass out, and stay safe =) 

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